Change the Channel: A Retrospective of ThatGuyWithTheGlasses and Channel Awesome

Before we continue, this is a blog talking about my own personal experience as a fan of TGWTG. If you’ve come here looking for juicy gossip, you’ve come to the wrong place.

ThatGuyWithTheGlasses changed my life. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without TGWTG.

That sounds dramatic and extreme, but it’s true. I may not ever have been an official producer for them (though I could have been [more on that later], but, as a fan, my life changed forever the moment I started watching the Nostalgia Critic. If you think I’m crazy, let me explain.

I discovered TGWTG before a website ever existed. A group of guys in my high school were talking about these hilarious videos called “5 Second Movies,” Doug Walker’s (aka The Nostalgia Critic) first real smash hit series. That same day, I went home and watched every single 5 Second Movie I could find, and I couldn’t stop laughing at any of them. I became a fan of his. I eventually found the Nostalgia Critic. I followed Doug through his troubles with YouTube (if you don’t know, he kept getting his channels deleted because of copyright policies). When he announced that he was starting his own website,, I was ecstatic. I couldn’t wait to see what he would do with no stupid copyright policies to bog him down. I watched everything Doug put out. Bum Reviews, Ask TGWTG, that crappy Melvin: Brother of the Joker video. I watched them all.

After a while, TGWTG started opening up to be about more than just the NC. They added a forum, a blog, a handful of outside contributors/video makers. I was one of the first people to start a blog series. Hell, it’s how I started my own personal career as a critic. I made some good stuff and some really bad stuff on those blogs. However, I guess I was good enough that I was actually part of the first (and to my knowledge only) Contributor Contest. I was up against other people to become a featured producer/writer on the site. I only lost by 5 votes to a guy who eventually called himself Rollo T. I could have been a part of that site. At this point in my life, I don’t really know if I dodged a bullet or missed out on a huge opportunity. I still definitely like analyzing movies/TV/games and such and I’m convinced that my love of analyzing couldn’t have fostered without TGWTG.

But I digress.

I kept up my blog on the site and, eventually, I heard from another blogger that someone was starting a TGWTG wiki and wanted some help putting it together. I was eager to help because I was a huge fan of the site. And thus, I was introduced to CrazyBuffyFan1, aka the founder of the Channel Awesome Wiki, aka Laura… aka my wife. We started talking, then we eventually started dating, and now we’re married. So, right there, I’ve already proven how much my life has changed thanks to watching a stupid “5 second” video.

I also met my best friend, Anthony, thanks to the wiki, and a lot of really good friends as well, like Chris and Lozzy and Dan. I’ve been really close to a lot of people thanks to ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.

We of the Wiki had our own Skype chat dedicated to just talking about the site and generally hanging out. At one point, that chat was HUGE. Over the years, it got smaller as people kind of stopped caring about anything to do with CA. Not to mention a lot of stupid drama, too.

Oh, yes, I could tell you stories. The Wiki actually had direct lines to people involved with CA. The good news is, a lot of the time, those people were very friendly and helpful with information. Heck, the main Wiki team even got free signed copies of a few TGWTG DVDs. However, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. We learned that some of the video contributors thought we were annoying and a few apparently just hated us. When we learned about that, it really hurt. We were just fans who wanted to show our appreciation for something we cared about. Mike Michaud allegedly thought we were just “obsessed fans.” If that’s true, well… Yes. We WERE obsessed fans. Isn’t that kind of the point of a wiki? We weren’t dangerous or crazy. We were just fans. Was that… wrong of us? I don’t know. I don’t want this blog to turn into a long ramble defending the actions of a Wiki I don’t even care about anymore.

There’s been a lot of crazy moments thanks to CA. I still remember the excitement over the first year anniversary “Brawl” that brought all the contributors of the site together. I remember the drama caused by ThatAussieGuy, the very first full blown MOVIE made by the site, a lot of wonderful and hilarious crossovers, extreme low moments, but such good high points. I remember so much. And I probably will continue to remember all of that for many years to come.

Unfortunately, times have changed. Channel Awesome isn’t the “online video maker utopia” it once was. Hell… Maybe it never was all that good behind the scenes. It seems the management of CA hasn’t been good to their contributors for a long while. It’s heartbreaking to watch a website that I followed for almost a decade fall apart at the seams. At the same time… It’s not surprising. I’ve been following the drama and it all looks very bad for those guys running the site. If it’s not back to just Doug Walker and everyone directly linked to him by the end of the year, I’m going to be very surprised.

I’m still going to follow the contributors I like. I still LOVE Suede’s videos, Atop the Fourth Wall, Some Jerk with a Camera, Lost in Adaptation, and so many other videos that introduced me to. I’ll probably be getting 90% of my entertainment from online content for the rest of my life…. However, as the title of the blog says, it’s time to Change the Channel. I’m not going to Channel Awesome anymore. I can’t even stand to see the Nostalgia Critic anymore, a video series without which I wouldn’t have my wife or my friends.

Look, I made this excessively long, incredibly rambling blog to get all of this stuff off my chest. If nobody reads it, I guess I just made it for me. Blogs can be therapeutic like that.

Anyway, if you’re still reading this, thanks. Maybe you found some entertainment in my words. If you’re still a CA fan, more power to you. I’m glad you can still get something of value from that site. Me, however. I’ll be sticking to YouTube.


Spook Factor Special: Halloween Honeymoon (Parts 2 and 3)

Here’s the rest of our Halloween Honeymoon! Day 2 we went to Disneyland and Day 3 we went to Disney California Adventure!

Spook Factor Special: Halloween Honeymoon (Part 1)

My October got super busy super quick. Ergo, I had no other blogs out in October. BUT! Here today is the first part of a 3 part special! Laura and I had our honeymoon in October and we did a lot of Halloweeny things in order to celebrate. In these two videos, we show you and discuss our first 2 days of our Honeymoon. This includes two studio tours and a half a day at Downtown Disney.

The copyright information can be seen in the video. Part 2 should be out soon!

Spooked and Haunted

So I’ve been really busy getting married to my fiance… Excuse me, WIFE, Laura, this past month. (The ceremony was short and simple at a court house and the “reception” was at Long Horn Steakhouse.) Likewise, I’ve also been busy with my job and preparing to take on a new class at the end of October. My busy-ness isn’t going to slow down any time soon, BUT, since October is here, I feel the need. The need for HALLOWEEN!

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The Next Step

I’ve been in one of my creative slumps again. Haven’t written any scripts, blogs, or anything in a long while. It’s partially due to a little bit of laziness on my part. I have a job now and I would rather relax than do “work” when I’m not actually working. I’ll try to get better with that soon.

However, I did want to make a blog about a really important next step in my life. If you don’t know, a few years ago I got engaged to a woman named Laura. We have a great relationship together but there has been one major factor that has been really difficult to deal with. We live in different countries. I’m in the USA and she’s in Canada (and, yes, I’ve heard every “My girlfriend who lives in Canada” joke there is). Well, after a long process of talking to lawyers and visiting political consulates, we are finally taking the next step. Today, September 2, 2017, Laura’s coming down to live with me permanently. In a few weeks, we are getting married! I’m extremely excited to be taking this big step with Laura. We even have our honeymoon all planned. (DISNEYLAND, BABY! WOOO!) And I couldn’t be happier.

Now, that’s not to say I’m not nervous. I’m nervous about what we need to do to get her an official residency here, mostly because I don’t want to screw it up and have her get deported. I’m nervous about setting up the wedding and making it nice for her and her family. But, mostly, I’m nervous about being a good husband.

I don’t doubt the strength of our relationship. The good thing about distance is that Laura and I are able to communicate really well thanks to necessity. If we’re upset, we talk about it. If we’re having a bad day, we know how to cheer each other up. I just want to make sure we’re happy together. I want to be able to give her the things she wants. I want to be able to give her new experiences. I want us both to be happy.

My mother has a good piece of advice for marriage. “You only have to worry about her happiness. Likewise, she only has to worry about yours. If you’re both working to make each other happy, the rest will fall into place.”

I’m not saying everything will always be sunshine and rainbows. We’ll have struggles to overcome. Times won’t always be happy. But we will work at it together. And that’s what’s important.


Halloween In June Spook Factor Double Feature!

You didn’t really think I’d let an entire Halloween in June go by without a single post from me, did you?

Well, to satisfy your urge for entertainment, I have not one, but TWO BRAND NEW EXCLUSIVE SPOOK FACTOR VIDEOS!

The first is a scripted review of the Buffy Animated Series Pilot!

Did you know that Buffy the Vampire Slayer once almost had a fully animated spin-off series? Find out the details in this week’s Spook Factor!

No copyright violation is intended. This video should be protected under fair use.

Chris’s Youtube Channel
Chris’s Website

The second video is an Unboxing of Gravity Falls Journal 3 Special Edition!

Join me as I discover the secrets inside the box!

Review: Beauty and the Beast (2017)

As is evidenced by quite a few blogs here, I’m a huge Disney dork. I love the movies, the parks, and even the hotels. A big part of my personality stems from my exposure to Disney and its products. I think part of that is that I grew up around the time of the Disney Renaissance, so the movies really hit home with me. When I heard they were remaking one of their biggest hits into a live-action movie, I was skeptical but excited. As the previews kept coming, my hype kept building. I was able to see it today. So, was this movie a beauty or a beast? Let’s find out. This is Beauty and the Beast.

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