An Official Introduction to Richard’s Weekly Journal

Greetings and welcome to Richard’s Weekly Journal!

Up until this point, I’ve only put up a few school assignments for, well, school. Originally, this website started as a school obligation. But as my About page says, I’ve always wanted a blog like this.

Anyway, I figured it was about time to actually talk about what I intend to do with this blog.

Just as a mini-intro to myself, this is not the first time I have ever blogged. I was a blogger over on, a movie reviewing website. I started blogging in the second half of 2008, doing movie reviews, TV show retrospectives, and the like. I moved on to video reviews after learning that a friend of mine (who has since become my girlfriend) can edit videos. The show we made was called Daffy Reviews. Unfortunately, after a very long creative slump, that show has been canceled. I still plan on doing videos, but more on that in a bit.

Almost a year ago, I started a Tumblr account with the intention of using it as a creative outlet. And a year later, I have made exactly 3 posts on that Tumblr, with one third of those being a reblog. I believe it’s safe to say that the only reason I go on Tumblr is to see other people’s creations and not to really make my own.

I’m not one to continue something once I realize it’s not my style. And Tumblr, obviously, is not a place I plan to post any more. Still, I find myself in want of a creative outlet for my written work. So, here we are. Richard’s Weekly Journal.

There are multiple types of blogs that I hope to share with you fine folks in the future. Here are some ideas.

Flicking Through Netflix: Blogs like these will be mainly reviews of either movies or the first episodes of series that are available through Netflix (for a short time, at least).

I will blog about things on my mind, for example, my long distance relationship, how it feels to be a graduate of college now, and other things on my mind.

I may post a few short stories that I write in the future. I’m really passionate about stories and would love to share some with the world.

Fairly soon, I hope to have reviews up of things I have experienced fairly recently, such as the musical Wicked and the video game Hotel Dusk. I also hope to post an interview with someone extremely cool, so stay tuned for that.

And starting today, just to get as many blogs under my belt to start, I’m going to do something I’m calling May Days, or Blog-A-Day May. Each day, I will try to write out a blog, be it a review, my thoughts, or even a continuation of an earlier blog in my career (you’ll see what I mean about this last one).

Later in the summer, I will also premier two brand new video series made by myself and my wonderful girlfriend, Laura. As a bit of an announcement on that front, the shows will be the following: First, the Moonlight Spotlight. This started out as a series where I talked about little known horror icons. I’m now expanding my original premise to include talking about villains from any genre. The second show will be a return of an old blog series of mine titled Daffy’s Book Corner. In it, I will review some of my favorite, and not-so-favorite, books in a, hopefully, unique fashion.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say for now! If you like this blog and would like to read more, feel free to follow me through here on WordPress or at my Twitter account @Daffy0211.

Thanks for your time!


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