My Blogging Future: A Daffy Videos Announcement

Today sort of got away from me a little.  Since I had a free day to myself, I decided to get a few overdue errands done, which ate up a good chunk of my day.  Still, the day’s not over and I don’t want to miss another day of blogging!  Instead of anything too complicated, I decided that I wanted to give a bit of a preview/announcements of upcoming content from yours truly.

When I say preview/announcements, I mean mostly about my video series coming up.  I talked about these series in my intro post earlier this month. If you’re not interested in any videos from me, then you may find this post a tad pointless. But it’s my blog and this is what I feel like talking about today.  So, without further ado, here’s a couple of video series I’m working on currently.

The Moonlight Spotlight:  I talked a little about this before, but allow me to elaborate.  The Moonlight Spotlight started at the site I write/wrote for, The Haunted Drive In.  I basically took some time in each article to talk about monsters and supernatural baddies from movies, shows, and the like.  The first ever article I ever wrote for Moonlight Spotlight was about Gossamer the Monster from the Looney Toons.  The second focused on Winnifred Sanderson from Hocus Pocus.  I’ve decided to retool the format a little for the change to videos.  Instead of just monsters, I’m going to extend my view to all villains of every genre.  The first episode will be dedicated to a famous John De Lancie character.  Not Q.  The second will be about a scary alien species from Doctor Who.  And the third episode will be my insight to a monster made famous online.  Those are the only clues you get.  The video series will now be about, instead of giving histories for the characters, breaking them down as villains and monsters.  I’m basically going to be profiling them, listing their strengths and weaknesses, what works about their characters and what doesn’t.  Villains are my favorite types of characters and I can’t wait to really dive into a few of my favorites.

Daffy’s Book Corner:  This is going to be a review show about books.  My original intention was to make this show just about me reviewing books.  Per episode, maybe something would happen to my character, Daffy, that had something to do with the book.  For example, getting turned into a ghost to review a ghost book.  I didn’t want to include any continuous story stuff in these reviews because I thought it would be too reminiscent of Linkara’s story lines and Blockbuster Buster’s plot driven episodes as well.  But I realize, I just can’t make a straight up review series.  It wouldn’t be as fun to me.  I love making visual stories, having people guess as to what’s happening and why.  So I have decided today, along with my partner and girlfriend, Laura, that Daffy’s Book Corner will still contain plot elements that will show up for certain videos.  Don’t worry, none of the plot elements will contain anything that was in Daffy Reviews.  This will be a brand new show with brand new plots!  I will try to make every story line (and the villains that come with them) as interesting and unique as I possibly can.   I hope you guys enjoy it half as much as I will making it.

That’s all I have to say.  I’m really excited for my video making future and it got me even more excited writing a blog about it.  Sorry this post is a bit short, but it’s all I can think of to do today.  I’ll try to have something a bit better tomorrow.  Until next time, I can’t think of a clever way to end this article.  This has been a Daffy Announcement.


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