Review: Star Trek Into Darkness

I’m not sure whether I’m the right person to be reviewing this movie.  Yes, as a movie goer, I do have the right to form an opinion on movies I’ve seen.  However, I feel like I’m not the type of person this movie was made for.  Confused?  I’ll explain to the best of my ability later in the article.  Even so, I did watch it today and it’s been going around my mind since I saw it.  All that said, Star Trek Into Darkness.

I find it difficult to sum up what this movie was about because so much of it hinges on plot twists.  So, allow me to talk about what I can.  After a terrorist attack on Earth, the captains and first officers of Starfleet Command are attacked while in a meeting.  The attacker was a man named John Harrison, who used to work for Starfleet but has gone rogue.  Captain Kirk and his crew are recruited to hunt down the man who has taken refuge on the Klingon home world.  The crew of the Enterprise must tread carefully, though, because war is on the brink between the Klingons and Starfleet.

Let me put the spotlight on the good stuff first.  The acting from everyone was all spot on.  Benedict Cumberbatch as Harrison gave me chills.  Kirk, Spock, Uhura, the hilarious Scottie, all of them were very well performed with what looked to me like passion and fun.  The special effects were very enjoyable and I only once in the entire move thought to myself “That’s CG.”  The action was decent, very fast paced and exciting.  Some shaky camera issues, but it’s not all that noticeable for most of the fight scenes.

As a film, this was very enjoyable.  The story was decent and the action was exciting.  My biggest problem with this movie is that it’s blatantly a movie for Star Trek fans.  People who saw the original series, own all the original movies.  People who probably own different uniforms.  Now I’m not saying this is a bad thing.  My mother is a Star Trek fan, people I look up to are Star Trek Fans.  The fact that this movie was made for fans doesn’t make it a bad movie.

My issue with this film is that the fan service makes no sense to the casual viewer.  Yes, I get that seeing a Tribble being operated on is a neat cameo.  Yes, I understand “Dammit, I’m a doctor not a blah blah blah” is a staple of the show.  But I picture the casual viewer thinking to himself “What the hell’s with the furball in the corner?”  “Uh, yeah, we know you’re a doctor.  You don’t have to say that.”  I wouldn’t mind so much if this stuff was just cameos and throw away lines.  But these fan service cameos act as highly important plot points.  Plot points that make absolutely no sense if you don’t know quite a bit about Star Trek lore.  In fact, the twist about the villain is absolutely zero percent impactful unless you know a little about the Star Trek movies.  And already I feel like I’ve said too much.

I want it to be known that I do think this was a great movie.  Good action, good story, great acting, spectacular special effects.  I just didn’t think it was a very good plan to turn the call backs to the old series and movies into giant plot points.  If you’re even a casual Star Trek fan, I say you should definitely give it a watch.  Everyone else?  Average people with no Star Trek knowledge?  I think you should skip it.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve always wanted to close off a blog this way…

Cyberspace.  The Nerdy Frontier.  These are the blogs of Richard “Daffy” Rodriguez.  His mission:  to watch strange new movies, to seek out new TV shows on Netflix, to boldly write about whatever the heck he wants.  (Hey, I didn’t want to rip the WHOLE thing off, did I?)


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