Flicking Through Netflix: Beakman’s World Episode 1 (Rain, Beakmania & Volcanoes)

After the disaster of Ted and the convolutedness of Star Trek Into Darkness, I felt like I needed something a bit more simple today.  Not just simple.  I wanted a show that would think for me.  A show that was entertaining but still smart.  A show that was silly but at the same time educational.  You know where this is going.  You read the title of the article.  Beakman’s World.

When I was growing up, I was a fan of Bill Nye the Science Guy.  It was a very fun show with obvious educational elements.  In fact, as a kid of about 7, it made me want to be a scientist.  On the other hand, while I had heard about Beakman’s World, I hadn’t seen much of it.  So, being a fan of the Science guy, I thought that Beakman’s World would be right up my alley.

In the first episode of Beakman’s World, we meet Beakman, a scientist who teaches the audience all about… well, science.  We also meet his assistants, a charismatic woman named Josie and a man in a lab rat outfit named Lester.  This episode starts off with a talk about the water cycle, talking about how rain is made and such.  The second segment is the introduction to Beakmania.  Beakmania is basically like a lightning round section of a gameshow.  Beakman is asked question after question and he have to answer each as fast as possible.  The last segment talked about volcanoes.

As a whole, this show is very entertaining.  The actors all have high energy and seemed to be having fun while they were there.  If I had been seeing this show as a kid, I would have been downright riveted by it.  The characters are also interesting enough to carry a few jokes.  I absolutely loved Lester, with his kind of slimy humor.  Josie was a bit generic but she still got a few funny lines.  Beakman was just a very fun person to watch.  He had this gleam in his eye when he talked about science that you could tell he had a passion for what he was teaching.  He was like the best kind of teacher you could ask for as a kid.

From an educational standpoint, I guess this show is pretty standard.  I didn’t learn anything I hadn’t known already, but I’m a 22 year old college grad so I’m not the target of the education.  It was all explained in a very simple and informative way that kids would easily understand.

I would say that this show was worth my time.  It had some really cheesy humor which really spoke to the side of me that loves corny jokes.  The characters were all great and the education part of it felt very natural.  Will I continue the series?  Well, maybe in sporadic bursts every now and again.  While I do like kid’s shows sometimes, edutainment shows are the types of things I really have to be in the mood for to enjoy.  But I recommend this show to any kid who has a passing interest in science.  Until next time, remember! GRAVITY! It’s the law!


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