My Top 20 Favorite Online Series Numbers 20 to 11

Welcome to the second part of my 3 part series talking about my Top 20 Favorite Online Series.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please see this article (which went through a little change since yesterday) that introduces this series.  Just as a further explanation of what I hope to do with this article, here’s how I will structure each entry:  After giving the title of each series (along with a link to where to find it) I will give a short-ish explanation of what the series is about.  I will also state why I like the series enough to call it a favorite.  Last, I will give a recommendation of a video or short series that I feel adequately represents that series or is just my favorite video from that series.  I feel like the rest of this article is going to be long enough.  So, onward to the list!

20.  Bargain Bin Horror

Bargain Bin Horror is a review series hosted by two German guys named Alex and Ice H.  In their reviews, they take a look at little known B-horror schlock and have fun making fun of them.  Being a lover of B-horror movies and also of horror in general, I love their subject matter.  But the reason I consider this show a favorite of mine is because of the chemestry between the two hosts.  They are obviously best friends and are having a huge amount of fun making those videos.  I have never seen a review show with a double act that worked quite as well as these two.  Yes, sometimes their delivery of a joke is a bit off and it’s very obvious when they’re reading off a script.  But I absolutely love these two.  Sadly, they only have about 10 episodes in their archives and have been on a hiatus for the last two years.  While they may never make another video, what they made still makes me laugh even after the 5th time watching it.

Recommendation:  Gingerdead Man Review.  This episode has some of their best jokes and you could really tell by this episode that they had found the tone they were looking for.  It’s also a “revisit” episode, which just means that they cleaned up the editing and sound a little bit from the first episode.

19.  Josh Jepson’s Let’s Plays

Josh Jepson is a Let’s Player on Youtube.  If you don’t know what a Let’s Play is, I’ll be brief.  A Let’s Play is when a person plays a video game and records their game session while commentating over what they’re doing.  Basically, it’s like riffing on a video game.  And Josh Jepson is one of the more knowledgeable Let’s Players I’ve seen.  When he plays a game, it is usually apparent that he’s done his homework on it, giving forth as much information about the game as he can.  When he does “blind” Let’s Plays (that is, LPs of games he’s never played before), he does his best to analyze what the game is and have as much fun as possible.  He has a great sense of comedic timing and always seems to keep a positive attitude.  I particularly love whenever he plays a game involving puzzles as he is entertaining to watch as he tries to figure out what to do.

Recommended Let’s Play:  Quantum Conundrum.  Quantum Conundrum is a puzzle 3D platformer with the very cool narrator, John De Lancie.  This was one of the first LPs I’ve watched from Josh and because of his reactions, it’s one of my favorites.

18.  Honest Trailers

Honest Trailers is a series by the Youtube group ScreenJunkies.  The series is made up of parody trailers for movies.  In each video, the creators pick apart the movie, pointing out any and all plotholes and making fun of the actors.  I love this series because it is downright hilarious.  The people really know how to pick apart a movie and can spot a plothole, however small, from a mile away.  I also think that the series really shows how much the people who make it love movies.  Their passion for film really shows in their material.  No matter how much they may make fun of movies, you can tell they have a lot of fun watching them.

Recommendation:  Honest Trailer for Les Miserables.  I have a particular fondness for this musical and movie, but I love the way they just completely tear it to pieces in this video.

17.  Longbox of the Damned

Longbox of the Damned is a series by Lewis Lovhaug, who you may remember from the runners up.  Like AT4W, Longbox is a comic review show.  However, this one stars a creepy undead host named Moarte as he reviews some horror and supernatural comics.  I like this series a lot because, like I said, I just love the horror genre.  This series really opened my eyes as to the variety of comics out there, that comics aren’t just about superheroes.  Having read a few of the comics he recommends in the series, I can also attest that he has great taste in horror.  This series is fairly new and only comes out during Halloween and will now return for a month in an upcoming event called Midsummer’s Nightmare.  I can’t wait to get more recommendations for some creepy stories.  The anticipation is giving me goosebumps.

Recommendation:  I suggest starting from the top with the first episode:  House of Mystery: Room and Boredom.  This is not a long series and each video is only about 5 minutes long.  It is well worth your time.

16.  Todd’s Pop Song Reviews

This is another review show, only this one focus on popular songs on the radio.  Todd one of the most consistently funny reviewers I’ve seen.  He always has good points to make about the songs he reviews.  Not to mention I absolutely love his gimmick.  In an attempt to make sure that he’s not harassed at home by fans, Todd has opted to keep his face always hidden in shadow in his reviews.  This sort of speaks to the side of me that likes “mysterious” characters.  But, mostly, I just think the guy is funny as hell.  And any time he gets mad at a song, I can’t help but smile.

Recommendation:  Back in Time by Pitbull.  This is one of the stupidest songs I’ve ever heard, let alone movie tie-in songs.  I just love watching Todd rip it to pieces.

15.  Freeman’s Mind

What if Gordon Freeman from Half-Life actually could talk?  What if he could talk and he was a jerk?  Not only that, what if he could talk, was a jerk, and was just a bit… No, actually, a lot insane.  Like, gun insane.  That is what this series is about.  It sort of plays out like a let’s play, going through the first Half-Life game while listening to just what Gordon has to say.  It’s a series I only recently discovered and I marathoned it in 2 days flat.  While the link above does go to a semi-complete playlist of the episodes so far, you should know that the creator has started posting his new episodes to his blip page here.  If you have any knowledge of Half-Life, or if you just have a passing interest in it, I highly recommend it.

Recommendation:  Definitely start with Episode 1.  The series just doesn’t make much sense otherwise.

14.  Welshy’s Reviews

I’m sorta, kinda, little bit cheating on this one.  I say that because Welshy (aka Mat Williams) IS, technically, my friend.  But I haven’t had many convos with him at all, so I’m saying he gets a pass.  I would give him a pass anyway, because Welshy is a FANTASTIC reviewer.  Welshy usually reviews movies and TV shows that he feels strongly about, both in the positive and negative ways.  With his videos, he always loves to break down why he likes, or, sometimes, why he hates certain parts of movies.  His videos are very analytical and, in a world where everyone is always trying to be funny, it’s refreshing sometimes to just watch someone have a passion for something, be it a movie, TV show, or anything.  And, in the interest of full disclosure, I love his voice and accent.  But even if his accent wasn’t a part of it, he’s just a joy to watch.  While he has technically retired from video making, I will continue to enjoy all of the videos he’s put out for years to come.

Recommendation:  Top 10 9th Doctor Moments.  Welshy has a real love for Doctor Who, and I believe this Top 10 list is one of his most brilliant episodes.  I won’t lie, if it weren’t for Welshy, I would never have gotten into Doctor Who.  Thanks, you wonderful Welsh man.

13.  The JonTron Show

JonTron is probably one of the most random reviewers I’ve ever seen, and I absolutely love him for it.  The JonTron Show’s main characters are Jon himself and his robotic cyborg parrot, Jacque,who can talk and has laser vision.  This review series concentrates on not-so-well-known games, but Jon’s also occasionally dived into reviewing a movie.  Jon’s humor gives me the sense that he doesn’t care if anyone gets the joke but himself.  And I mean that in a good way.  His confidence when giving his jokes just makes it seem like the man is having fun and he doesn’t care who knows it.  Jon has this energy when he’s on screen that just makes me want to jump out of my seat and cheer for him.  He’s quick with a smile and just seems like the type of guy that gets along with most people he meets.

Recommendation:  Birdemic: The Best Worst Movie Ever.  This one of the first videos I saw from Jontron and it made me fall in love with him.  His reactions to the completely baffling things happening in this movie made me breathless with laughter.  I’ve seen it 5 times already and I have the feeling I’ll see it hundreds more and still laugh every time.

12.  Super Power Beat Down

Super Power Beat Down is a series a lot like Deadliest Warrior.  In SPBD, the hosts argue about which of two fictional characters would win in a fight.  While the arguments each side make are pretty fun to watch as they often resort to childish insults, what really makes this series amazing are the Live Battle segments.  In these segments, they create the fight that everyone wants to see, putting together stunts, combat, special effects, and amazing costumes and acting abilities.  The production quality for these fights is absolutely spectacular, showing off clear knowledge on how each character would actually fight.  I can’t recommend this series enough for anyone who calls themselves a nerd.  You’ll find yourself absolutely blown away by how awesome these fights turn out.

Recommendation:  Batman vs Wolverine.  I love these two characters and seeing them duke it out was just mindblowing to me.

11.  The Nostalgia Critic

The Nostalgia Critic was one of the first ever online series I ever fell in love with.  Back in the day, he broke down movies and TV shows from the 80s and 90s, bashing the bad and praising the good.  Since I discovered this series, the man running it, Doug Walker, has been an idol of mine.  His comedic timing, his analyzation, his passion for reviewing, all of it spoke to me in a way that opened my mind.  Without this man, I wouldn’t have met Laura.  Without the NC, I wouldn’t be writing this blog.  He is a huge inspiration to me.  Sadly, I could only put him at number 11 on my list.  Why?  Well, while I still enjoy him nowadays, I feel like his new style just doesn’t mesh as much with my tastes.  Some say he’s lost his touch, but I don’t think so.  I just think he has to find that passion again.  Still, I love the series, I admire the man who made it, and I recommend it to anyone who ever gets nostalgic for the past.

Recommendation:  One of his first episodes is also one of his best:  Tom and Jerry the Movie.  If you like this video, do yourself a favor and keep watching this guy.  From that point, he just got better and better.

That’s it for this part of the list.  Join me next time for my Top 10.  If you’d like, please feel free to leave a comment talking about some of your personal favorite Online Series!  As I said before, I’m always looking for new stuff to watch.  This article has gone on long enough, so I will see you in the next one!


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