My Top 10 Favorite Online Series

Alright, I’ve been building up to this Top 10 list for the past 2 days!  Confused?  If you haven’t read them yet, please read Part 1 and Part 2 of this 3 part series.  All explanation is given in those two parts.  I feel like this post is going to be long enough without a long winded intro, so let’s dive right in.

10.  Familiar Faces

Familiar Faces is a review show where the host, CR, takes time to talk about little known characters from well known franchises.  In each episode, CR takes a close look at the history of that particular character, looking at their effectiveness in the series and development as a character.  CR’s show has a very analytical feel to it.  While he does occasionally crack good jokes, what he really seems to like doing is looking at what makes a character work and what doesn’t.  I like the way CR has of looking at things.  His point of view, when he explains it, makes a lot of sense.  He’s a fellow fan of all things Halloween (the holiday) and his passion for it really shows up in his Halloween centered episodes.

Recommendation:  Samhein.  It’s a Halloween episode looking at a ghost from the cartoon Real Ghostbusters series.

9.  Epic Rap Battles of History

In the same vein as Super Power Beat Down, this series has two or more characters from history, pop culture, and fiction duke it out in a big battle.  But not a fist fight sort of battle.  Instead, these characters beat each other down with insults in a rap battle.  I like this series because the people who run it are very professional with each episode.  They try to get the costumes for each character as accurate as they can.  They do the research on each person and try to copy their mannerisms and way of speaking to the last detail.  If they bring in other people to be the characters, they make sure that those people know what they are doing.  Not to mention, their rapping skills are awesome.  They know how to lay down a rhyme and they definitely know how to make it insulting.

Recommendation:  Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates.  This is just my favorite episode they’ve done so far.  I’ve listened to it so many times that I lost count.

8.  There Will Be Brawl

I was going to write the explanation for this series myself, but allow me to let the website do it for me. “There Will Be Brawl is a non-profit web series designed as a dark, dramatic parody of the popular Super Smash Bros. Brawl video game for the Nintendo Wii.  In a Dystopian Mushroom Kingdom, corruption and avarice reign supreme. Even the greatest heroes of the land have buckled beneath the overwhelming will of the amoral elite. When a series of grisly crimes pushes an unlikely champion to seek the truth, a mystery unfolds that could completely destroy everything he holds dear.”  I love this series’ take on the video game franchises I hold so dear.  Everything feels dark, edgy, gritty, and very atmospheric.  The actors are all superb in their roles and the costumes, while not all incredible (I’m looking at YOU, King Dedede), still look very well put together.  In the end, it’s a great dark series that really speaks to the nerd in me.

Recommendation:  Again, start from the top:  Episode 1: Twilight Ruin

7.  Zero Punctuation

Zero Punctuation is a review show by Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw.  In the videos, he reviews video game in an often angry and sarcastic manner.  Yahtzee isn’t afraid to say why games suck whether they’re popular or not.  Again, there’s a confidence to this character that tells me that he’s right, he’s heard all the arguments, doesn’t care, and don’t even bother.  Yahtzee comes across as a guy that’s a bit hard to please, but I feel more that he just knows what he likes.  And when he comes across a game he does like, he lets the whole world know it.  Yet again, here’s a man who has a passion for something, in this case games, and their passion shows through on the screen.  I can’t help but be attracted to passion because it’s so very fun to watch.

Recommendation:  Amnesia: The Dark Descent.  This is one of the first games he talked about that I remember him actually liking.  It’s also one of his funniest reviews ever.

6.  The Spoony Experiment

Spoony is yet another reviewer, but this one takes a look at both games and movies.  He usually tackles movies/games that are either terrible or “so bad it’s good” schlock fests. Of all angry reviewers out there, for me, Spoony is one of the only one who has stayed consistently funny from start til now.  This is the type of show where I can’t pinpoint exactly what I love about it so much just because all of it is mixed together so well.  He also occasionally has story elements in his show, such as his enemy turned assistant, Dr. Insano, or angry clones coming back from the dead for revenge.  Trust me, if you watch the show, this makes perfect sense.

Recommendation:  His Let’s Play of Phantasmagoria 2: A Puzzle of Flesh.  This is one of the best Let’s Plays I’ve ever seen.  Period.  It’s funny, it’s edited together well, the game is riffed on very professionally.  Everything about this little series is great.  I suggest watching the whole thing.

5.  The Joker Blogs

This is a series that follows the Joker after the events of Chris Nolan’s The Dark Knight.  He’s placed in the famous Arkham Asylum under the care of Dr. Harleen Quinzel.  And things start snowballing from there. When I saw the first episode, I thought it was just about this one dude doing an admittedly decent impression of Heath Ledger’s Joker.  Then it turned into a real character driven story and I found myself enthralled.  Everyone involved in this series is fully commited to their characters, looking the part, dressing the part, and acting the part perfectly.  The story of this series is just fantastic.  If you’re a fan of the Dark Knight, Batman: The Animated Series, or even just a fan of the DC comics, you should definitely give this a watch.  I guarantee a good time.

Recommendation:  Yet again, take it from the top! Episode 1: Therapy Begins

4.  Eddsworld

This one is a cartoon series made by a brilliant fellow named Edd Gould.  In this series, Edd and his friends Matt and Tom get into a bunch of little adventures, flushing themselves down the sewers to find Atlantis, exploring a lost tomb, even once going to Hell for a vacation.  The series is side-splittingly hilarious and the quality of the cartoons continues to get better and better.  Sadly, the creator died after a fight with cancer last year and can no longer lend his voice to his character.  Fortunately, the series is far from over as the rest of the creative team has decided to continue the legacy.  And the humor is definitely still there.  It’s one of my favorite original cartoon web series and I always watch it when I’m in the mood for a laugh.

Recommendation:  One of my favorite episodes is the first Eddsworld Halloween Special.  This cartoon showed that the quality of the cartoons was just starting to become a bit more professional.  It has non-stop laughs and it’s a tribute to my favorite holiday.

3.  Hellsing Abridged

There are so many different Abridged series out there.  (Abridged Series for those not in the know:  When a show, usually anime related, is shortened and parodied by a person or group.)  There’s Dragon Ball Z Abridged, Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series, the list goes on.  But this one is my absolute favorite.  Why?  Vampires.  This series revolves around Alucard, a vampire who works for the Hellsing Corporation.  He hunts other vampires that are causing trouble in the world.  And he is such a loveable jerk.  I hate that this series only comes out once a year at Halloween, but it just gives me yet another reason to love the holiday.  The series is only 3 episodes long so far, so if you’ve got some free time and are in the mood for an awesome vampire cartoon, this is totally worth a watch.

Recommendation:  Start with the first episode.

2.  Helloween4545’s Let’s Plays.

Helloween is one of the first Let’s Players I’ve ever seen and he is my favorite one of all time.  He is a British guy who plays horror and survival horror games.  First, let me get this out of the way.  His accent is wonderful.  That being said, his sense of humor is fantastic.  His sense of humor really can be only described by example.  While playing a game, if his character suddenly comes across a decapitated corpse that looks horribly mangled, Helloween will become fascinated by the shoe it’s sitting next to.  This man’s nonchalance during the often horrifying games he’s playing is nothing short of hilarious.  Not only that, when he actually get scared by a game, it’s still funny.  Every moment of every Let’s Play from this man is entertainment from the first to the last.  When he gets scared, it’s funny.  When he gets angry, its really funny.  When he’s just in the mood to be silly, it’s downright hilarious.  This man can do no wrong in my eyes and I will remain a fan of his for probably the rest of my life.

Recommendation:  His let’s play of Amnesia is particularly good, if only because the game is really a very good game.  Not to mention, if you don’t know by now, he’s one hell of a funny dude.

And the number one spot, my favorite online series of all time, is…

1.  Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

I can’t help myself.  I really can’t.  I have long ago declared Joss Whedon as my lord and master.  I think at least 90% of what he does is pure gold.  And Dr. Horrible is no different.  In this series, we follow Dr. Horrible, a villain wannabe who wants to join a famous evil group and also wants to win the heart of his dream girl.  It’s a musical series and the songs in this are pure fun from start to finish.  To tell you anymore would deprive you of a fantastic time.  It’s got Neil Patrick Harris, it’s got Nathan Fillion, it’s got Felicia Day.  It’s written by JOSS WHEDON.  JOSS. WHEDON. If those two words are involved, you’re in for a good, if slightly dramatic, time.  If I haven’t sold you on this video series yet, I never will.

Recommendation: It’s basically a movie.  In fact, the whole thing is available on DVD.  My recommendation?  Buy it.  If you’re a Whedon lover and haven’t seen this yet, you’re depriving yourself of greatness.  It comes with 2 commentaries.  An actual commentary and COMMENTARY: The Musical, with all new songs and hilarity galore!

So, there you have my Top 10 Favorite Online Series of all time.  I had so much fun making this series and will no doubt make more like it in the future.  As I’ve said in the past, I urge you to share your favorite series in the comments below!  I’m always looking for some new stuff to watch and I would love suggestions for the future.  Until next time, I will see you around the Net!


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