Flicking Through Netflix: The X-Files Episode 1 (Pilot)

Welcome to the final part of my day long Nerd Marathon, where I take a look at a few icons of Nerd culture!

Let’s see, today I’ve looked at one of the most highly held Sci-Fi shows of all time and a modern take of a classic mystery series.  If only there was a way to combine the two, a mystery/sci-fi mixture of perfect proportions.  A science-fiction show with a little mystery flare.  A mystery show with some sci-fi phenomena.  I could go to one of the many programs of this type on the Sci-Fi… sorry “SyFy” channel, or I could go to the basics.  The one I think started them all.  These are The X-Files.


I have been aware of the X-Files for quite some time now, but for some reason I had never paid any attention to it.  I wrote it off as just another alien show.  I never thought it would fit my style.  Well, I guess I’m learning all sorts of things about my own tastes lately, because after watching the first episode, I find myself itching for more.

We start off the show with Agent Dana Scully of the FBI being assigned to be partners with Agent Fox Mulder.  The “higher ups” are worried that Mulder is utilizing his talents and resources on, well, stupid cases.  They want Scully to act as a spy and report to them on whether Mulder is wasting time.  So, Mulder and Scully go to investigate a series of strange murders.  Each body has been found with no marks on it and the cause of death unknown.  Could a teenager who’s been in a coma for 4 years be behind the killings?

I went into this show expecting a serious look at alien cases with good ol’ investigation fun.  And, this once, I got exactly what I expected.  This was a very straight forward show with talk of aliens, abductions, and other strange UFO type stuff.  I was really pleased that I got what I was looking for.

The dynamic between Mulder and Scully is already very good just within the first episode.  You have Scully playing the skeptic and Mulder is the believer.  And, as FBI colleagues, they really work well off of each other.  They both gave convincing arguments and tried to make the other see things their way.  I also love that, at least in the first episode, there was absolutely no “sexual tension” between them.  I thought we got close in one scene where Scully was scared and in nothing but a robe, but it just came off as friends comforting each other.  The friendship chemestry between the two is very strong.

The effects, what we’ve seen, have been fairly decent.  There was one “mutated alien body” that looked positively terrifying to me.  The prop department definitely earned their keep in my eyes for that one.  But the alien effects (the bright lights, the wind cyclones, that sort of thing) were pretty generic.  I was expecting a little more there, but it was still fairly decent.

In the end, this is a really good example of a sci-fi mystery series.  It’s got the suspense, the strangeness, the skepticism, everything that you could look for in a series like this.  I will certainly continue to check it out.  After all.  I always try to believe in the possibilities.


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