Flicking Through Netflix: Better Off Ted Episode 1 (Pilot)

I have an ever growing list of shows I am attempting to keep up with.  Shows on TV, shows on Youtube, and, more importantly, shows on Netflix.  I’m up to 18 shows I’m trying to catch up with on a regular bases.  Knowing this, I sort of wanted to watch something today that I was certain I’d hate.  And you know what I hate?  Office comedies.  I didn’t like Office Space at all, I cringe at The Office (both of them), and I absolutely DESPISE Workaholics.  There’s just something about comedies that take place in a work environment that I just don’t get.  So with an almost 100 percent guarantee that I’d hate it, I took a look at Better Off Ted.

In this show, we follow Ted, the PR manager for a company that… makes inventions?  It’s never really specified and I think that vagueness is part of the joke.  The joke I don’t get.  Anyway, this company is obviously insane because they use their time to weaponize pumpkins, create edible metal that bounces, and cryogenically freeze their employees.  And the plot is…?

Seriously.  Where’s the plot here?  What is the driving force behind this story?  Because just following people in a company is BORING, even if the company is crazy.  There’s no story here, it’s just office wackiness.  I have to admit, that’s part of the reason I hate office comedies.  No plots whatsoever.  But, no matter.  A story isn’t needed if the characters are doing their jobs right.  And these characters are… Well… They’re definitely characters…

Truth is, these characters all feel paper thin, generic, cardboard cut out characters.  The bitchy boss, the overly nervous scientist, the weird new girl.  I’ve just seen these characters so many times.  And not a one of them was the least bit funny to me in this show.  I can’t speak much for the acting talent of the actors.  They play their rolls decently enough.  I just don’t think they have anything to actually DO on this show.

There is really absolutely nothing else to talk about.  If you like office comedies, I guess you’ll like this fine.  I just couldn’t find any enjoyment with it at all.  I’m actually relieved that I don’t have to expand my list to include one more show.  I got exactly what I expected out of this show and I can’t believe that I’m happy about that.  If you’re like me and don’t like having anything related to the work place in your entertainment, this show won’t convert you to the “professional” side any time soon.


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