Flicking Through Netflix: Hulk Vs.

I had different ideas for today’s blog.  I was going to do an in depth look at my love of Doctor Who, I was going to talk about why cruises are the ultimate type of vacation, I was even going to talk about my upcoming trip to Canada to visit my girlfriend.  (Don’t worry, regular blogs will continue.  I’m taking my computer.)  However, I find myself far too excited for said trip to talk about anything of real substance.  Instead, I thumbed through Netflix for a bit before finding what I assumed would be a fun animated movie with plenty of action.  This is Marvel’s Hulk Vs.

In all honesty, this isn’t just one film but two short films put together.  The first short is titled Hulk Vs Thor, where Loki takes over the Hulk and tries to eliminate Thor.  As you can imagine, chaos ensues.  The second story, called Hulk vs Wolverine, has the Canadian super mutant hunting down the Hulk through Canada as it seems the green meanie has gone on a rampage.  Then Wolvy is captured by some bad guys and all hell breaks loose.  When it comes to story, I’ll admit I didn’t expect much.  I just wanted to watch fighting.  Lord knows I got that in bucket-loads, but these stories were also very interesting to see play out.

In terms of animation and character designs, I’d say I prefer the Thor segment a little bit better.  Not that both aren’t animated very well.  But the Wolverine segments felt a little disjointed in the animation.  Wolverine at times looked really bulky then suddenly really athletic.  Not to mention the Hulk’s haircut changed every few seconds.  The Thor segments also just felt sleeker, giving a more streamlined and modern look that was very interesting to watch.  The Wolverine segments were still nice, but Thor just has the upper hand.

In terms of story and writing, I desperately wanted the Wolvy story to win out.  However, that story line felt clunky and slow.  It wasn’t paced very well at all.  The beginning was fast but then the middle dragged on.  The Weapon X storyline almost dragged the movie to a grinding halt.  The Thor storyline, while not perfect, just kept my attention better.  It was a better story.  And, most important, the Thor segment actually had an ending!  The Wolverine fight ends in a cliffhanger with no clear winner or ending whatsoever! What a ripoff!

I came into this film expecting a lot of action and I certainly got it.  This thing has action coming out of it’s eye-sockets.  The problem is it’s a bit convoluted for those not already familiar with the Marvel universe.  And while I have no problem with gore, this is definitely not a movie for kids who are squeamish.  Still, if you’re a fan of action cartoons and Marvel, I suggest giving this a watch.  Just make sure you’re not watching it with earphones on.  The Hulk’s only lines of dialogue are RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!  Really hurtful to the ears.


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