Prince Edward Island: Day 1 or Shopping, Ripley’s, and Mini Golf

The introduction to this short series of blogs can be found in this post.  Please feel free to click and read that if you haven’t yet.  Some important information is given in it talking about why I went to PEI.  Also, be sure to visit my girl, Laura’s, blog on a small aspect of PEI (which I will talk about in my Day 3 blog).  You can read Laura’s blog right here. On that note, allow me to dive right in to what I did on my first day at PEI.

We got up for the 3 hour drive at 10 and, after a good breakfast, started driving to the Island at around 11.  The drive was basically uneventful with the only interesting parts being the lingering smell of skunk stink on certain parts of the road.  I basically slept for most of it.  But Laura made sure to wake me up for something she wanted me to experience:  driving over Confederation Bridge.  This is the only bridge that connects PEI to the mainland of Canada.  And this is one very long bridge clocking in at about 12 miles long.  It was impressive to look at, to say the least.

Across the bridge, we entered Gateway Village, the small shopping center that greets all people driving onto the Island.  The shops here were the normal tourist fair with T-shirts and knick knacks you can take home to prove to everyone that you were really there once.  The shops were fairly good, though I didn’t do a huge amount of shopping.  We ate lunch at a nice little diner with slightly over-priced food then got chocolate at this little local franchise called Cows, which is basically a chocolate and ice cream place that also sells merchandise based on cow puns.  As an example, I got a shirt with a cow wearing a fez and bow tie climbing out of a Tardis.  It’s titled Doctor Moo.

After our pitstop, we headed for our commode for the next few days, a place called the Cavendish Country Inn & Cottages.  Laura’s parents had booked a small cottage for the vacation.  And it was one of the nicest places I’ve ever stayed.  The cottage, while small and non-air-conditioned, was very clean and very nice.  It never got too hot, the cable was fairly extensive, and the beds were extremely comfortable.  Only downside, really, were the countless flies everywhere.  Luckily, the cottage was supplied with what looked like a well used fly swatter.  It served us well.  But I digress.

After settling in, we went to another small shopping center called the Boardwalk (even though it wasn’t on the beach or near the ocean) for a nice dinner and some more shopping.  After that, we decided to stop at a well known tourist trap that’s a franchise all across North America, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.  I had only been to one Ripley’s before, and that was when I was about 8.  As a kid, I was basically a massive coward, so I shut my eyes through most of it and had to be dragged along by my parents.  In an attempt to redeem myself, I wanted to go through another one.  For those who don’t know, Ripley’s is basically a Museum of the Weird.  People find weird, fascinating, odd, and impossible things around the globe and gather them in one place.  There were full sized stock cars made with toothpicks, pictures of people who used to be circus freaks in the old days, optical illusions made with smoke and mirrors, it’s all there.  And this was a really fun experience.  It was cool walking through a creepy museum, looking at weird things and learning some little known facts.  I can’t really put the experience to words, it’s just something you have to see for yourself.  And if you’re saying “Oh, I read one of those World Record type books once, it’s gotta be the same.”  No.  Reading and experiencing something are totally different.

Next to the museum was a small Mini Golf course called Mariner’s Cove.  It was a fun and simple set up with basic Mini Golf holes.  While neither of us kept score because we both suck at the game, we both had fun there, laughing when we missed or when we accidentally got holes in one.  It was just a fun little game between the two of us.

Anyway, that’s all we did on our first day at PEI.  All in all, for a first day, it was definitely a good introduction for me.  Just driving along the main road, we got to see a lot of the tourist attractions on the island.  Revisiting a Ripley’s was fun and the mini golf, while very basic, was a blast.  Now, join me again in my next post where I tell you how I was introduced to a 13 year old girl from the 1900s that had bright red hair…

(Oh, side note.  A little drinking game for those of you who go to PEI.  Every time you go into a store and you see a section, large or small, dedicated to Anne of Green Gables, take a shot.  I guarantee hospitalization for you by the end of the day.  Explanations for that will come tomorrow.)


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