Reader Beware Month: Let’s Get Invisible!

Invisibility:  A popular answer to the question “What super power would you love to have?” especially amongst pre-teen and teenage boys.  The ability to go invisible would be very useful for a number of reasons.  But can turning invisible lead to horror?  Surprisingly, according to this book, yes, it most definitely can.

Max and his friends one day find a strange mirror in a hidden room in his attic.  After inspecting it for a bit, they find out that the mirror has the ability to turn people invisible.  The friends quickly start using the mirror to have a bit of fun, seeing who can stay invisible the longest.  Unfortunately, the longer they stay invisible, the more it becomes difficult to hold on to reality…

Let’s Get Invisible is one of the only Goosebumps books I fully remembered from when I was a kid.  I think it’s because it was my very first Goosebumps book.  As such, I remembered a lot about this book, including the story and twists.  Since this was my first of the series, I sort of put it up on a pedestal in my mind saying it was one of the best and one of my favorites.  Does it still hold up for me?  Well, yes and no.

The story is certainly creative in that I’ve never really seen anything quite like it.  The original premise made the story feel fresh to me, meaning it kept my interest the whole way through.  The problem is, a lot of the scenes end up being similar to each other until the climax.  The scenes go like this: Friends go up to the mirror, the “invisible competition” happens, Max gets more and more paranoid about the mirror.  It helps that the character gets more and more tense with each scene, but it started feeling like the plot kept repeating itself at times.

I don’t really have anything to say about the characters.  The little brother, Lefty, is annoying as crap and I wanted to smack him more than once.  Other than that, the characters are pretty generic and one note.  The competitive cool guy, the girl, the nervous one, and the blank slate main one.  Still, they do feel believable in their characteristics.  They’re just not all that well-rounded in my opinion.

Here’s another book that does the main evil “thing” right.  The mirror always felt like a presence, like something that was alive although it never was.  The way it’s described in the book gives it a weight, almost a presence in the story.  Granted, this thing falls into the same trap that the “evil camera” did in that all one needs to do is just ignore the mirror and it can’t hurt you.  In fact, the way this mirror is “dispatched’ seemed obvious and quick.  However, it’s more believable that the children actually wanted to keep using this one.  Who WOULDN’T want to go invisible from time to time?

This was definitely one of the better Goosebumps books I’ve read.  Although the characters are generic as heck, the story is creative enough to keep you interested.  At times, it might feel repetitive, but each part is just different enough that it doesn’t matter too much.  I still am willing to call this book my favorite in the series so far because of its creative premise.  I have the feeling that might change before the end of the month.  For now, at least, Let’s Get Invisible is about as good as a Goosebumps book can get.


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