Goodbye, My Doctor

Before we start:  This is going to be another Doctor Who post.  Fair warning.  Not interested in Doctor Who?  This article is not for you.  Thanks for stopping by!

Also:  My last post is now basically debunked.  Steven Moffat has his own plans and they will become apparent in the upcoming Time of the Doctor special on Christmas Day.  Pity, really.  I really liked my theory.  Oh well.!11th_Doctor_wearing_a_Fez.jpg

Ladies and gentlemen, Matt Smith is My Doctor.  If you’re a Whovian, then you know exactly what I mean when I say he’s My Doctor.  Coming this Christmas, my Doctor’s time is up.  As such, I’m using this post as a way to talk about my favorite Doctor, how I feel about seeing him go, and even how I came to like Doctor Who in the first place.

A couple of years ago, I was hearing a lot about this show about aliens and time travel.  It seemed that wherever I turned on the internet, I’d see a mysterious blue box and a man wearing a bow tie wielding a glowing green metal stick.  A question was haunting me.  Doctor… who?  My curiosity peaked.  I did research and saw that the show had a rich and vibrant history.  I just didn’t know where to start.  I consulted a friend who told me “start with the Eleventh Hour.  It acts as a good jumping in point for newcomers.”  So, I did.  I hunted it down and watched.  Only an hour later and I found myself completely hooked to the show.

Since that day, I’ve seen every episode of the new series and have gone back to watch the classic Doctors.  (If you’re curious, I’ve seen a few eps of Hartnell, the last serial of Troughton, the first serial of Pertwee, all of McCoy’s era, and the movie from the 90s. So far anyway.)  Despite liking every Doctor I’ve come across so far, Matt Smith was my first and is my favorite.  As I have watched him, I have felt more of a connection and relation to him than I have with any other Doctor I’ve seen so far.

Matt Smith’s Doctor is the biggest nerd out of all the Doctors I’ve seen.  He wears fezzes and bow ties as attempts to be cool.  He’s clumsy at times but always seems to have all the information he needs to handle any situation.  He often talks quickly and tries to act clever.  He has an energy as the Doctor that immediately captured my attention.  His seasons, for me, were the most enjoyable, having interesting story arches and some of my favorite episodes as well.  Bottom line, I was entertained by him the most out of any Doctor I’ve seen so far.

This coming Christmas, my Doctor is taking his final bow.  Personally, I hope he goes out in a blaze of glory.  When he eventually does regenerate into Capaldi’s Doctor, I’m going to be sad.  I’m going to miss that big, goofy grin, that swooshy hair, the energy and spirit he gave the role.  However, I am hopeful for the future.  I’m confident Capaldi will make a great Doctor.  I look forward to whatever type of performance he has in store for us.  For now, goodbye, my Doctor.  Bow ties will never be the same again.

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