Flicking Through Netflix: Todd and the Book of Pure Evil Episode 1 (Todd the Metal God)

I never noticed this before but apparently “teens save their high school/home town from supernatural forces” has become sub-genre of horror comedy shows in the last few decades.  Don’t believe me?  Here’s just  a few examples:  Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Big Wolf on Campus, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, The Zack Files, So Weird.  And those are just shows from the 90s.  Knowing that I’m a fan of this type of show, I decided to check out the Canadian TV series Todd and the Book of Pure Evil.

If you recognize the shows I said before, then you know the basic premise of this show.  Teens get into supernatural shenanigans and have to stop whatever the monster of the week is to save the school/town/world.  Here’s the full premise as told by Netflix:  “High school stoner Todd Smith and his friends are the only people who can stop a menacing Satanic spell book from triggering the end of the world. As the Book of Pure Evil wreaks havoc on their town, the kids clumsily keep the dark forces at bay.”

As I said, the basic plot of this show is very similar to other shows in this genre.  This show, however, takes all the worst things about those shows and cranks the Annoy-o Meter to 11.  The characters are all generic high school stereotypes:  the stoner, the weird kid, the goth chick, the jock, all present, all annoying.  The show also has a skewed sense of humor.  It seems like every 5 seconds, someone swears.  It feels like the show is trying to be offbeat and mature when it comes off actually being grating and horribly immature.  In other words, this show is childish, generic, and completely annoying.  It has all the requirements that would normally make me stop watching after the first episode…

And yet…

There’s something within me that’s willing and even eager to continue watching this show.  Something inside of me is ignoring the generic characters, sub-par acting, and grating sense of humor.  A part of me is really curious about where this show is going to go with its premise.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect this show to get any better.  In fact, I expect it to get worse.  A LOT worse.  However, I have the feeling that it’s going to become a very interesting kind of bad.  I did some research and I saw that there’s an episode down the line about a giant killer penis.  Call me crazy but I have to know what in the hell that’s… No, I just have to know what in the HELL?

I can’t recommend this show.  It’s not good.  The premise isn’t original, its far too immature to really carry out the “constant swearing” humor, and the characters would be more fleshed out on the back of a cereal box.  I only recommend it if you’re just too curious for your own good.  If you’re only intrigued by the premise, trust me, there are much better examples of this genre.  I, being a fan of schlocky entertainment, am curious to see what kind of bad cheese I get from this show.  Let’s hope I survive this.


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