To My 16-Year-Old Self


I have a specific reason for writing to you today, but I’ll get a few obvious questions you might have out of the way first.  Stop worrying and take the damn driving test already.  You’ll do fine, but you’ll find out you need glasses.  You get used to the glasses really quick.  Yes, you will go to and graduate from college.  Then you’ll move on to try to get a Master’s degree.  Get used to being in school.  Finally, no, you should not keep trying to grab the attentions of your crushes.  They’re not worth it.  I’m here to tell you that you meet someone better.  I’m here to tell you about the most amazing girl you’ll ever meet.

About two years from now, you’re going to meet a girl in the most unlikely of places.  You’ll start off as friends, having a mutual like in common.  You’ll start talking through IMs pretty much daily once you meet her.  You’ll share stories, laugh together, get excited about nerdy things together.  She’s going to introduce you to one of your favorite shows of all time which leads to one of your favorite writer/director/producers of all time.  No, I won’t tell you who or what.  She’s proud of being the one who showed you a great show and I want her to keep feeling that pride.

Eventually, you’ll start to realize that you have feelings for this girl.  You’ll be scared to tell her, going day after day with a buzzing in the pit of your stomach.  Relax when this happens.  You’ll soon get so fed up with keeping the secret that you’ll just HAVE to tell her.  And when you do, you’ll find out something wonderful:  she feels the same way.  Oh, the feeling you’ll get when you find out is indescribable.  You’ll feel like you’re floating, you’ll have romantic songs stuck in your head.  FOCUS, because you still need to get through school while on cloud nine.

Your relationship with the girl will grow over time.  You’ll discover new things together, new shows that you will obsess over.  Oh, I forgot to mention:  she’s a huge nerd, just like you.  And reading that sentence, I know you just got the biggest smile on your face.  You’ll get to share gaming experiences, talk about your favorite books, even take her to Disney World for her first time.  She’s going to love it and you’re going to love watching her react to that wonderful Castle.

Anyway, the relationship is going to be a bit tough.  See, she lives very far away from you, so you’ll have a long distance relationship with her.  Don’t worry.  You’ll still talk to her every day through the magic of the internet.  She’ll be the bright point of your day every day.  You’ll both have your highs and lows together.  No relationship is 100% perfect.  The good times tremendously outweigh the bad, though.

You’re going to love her more than you thought you could love anybody.  You’re going to want to make her smile every day.  You’re going to want to marry her.  So you’ll propose in the dorkiest way possible.  And she will absolutely love it.

This woman, this fantastic woman, will become your fiancee.  You’re going to be so happy with her.  Oh, I guess I should mention.  Her name is Laura and her birthday is on Valentine’s Day.  Knowing your memory, and mine, I think we’re both grateful that it’s so easy to remember.

Good luck in the years to come.  There will be some hard times, but Laura will make it all the easier for you.  Oh, and I don’t know if it’s out yet, but look up Titanic in 5 Seconds on Youtube.  It and its creator is going to change your life.

Best wishes,

Your Older Self

(This blog is dedicated to my wonderful fiance, Laura.  Happy birthday, Valentine!)