My Nuzlocke Adventure: Pokemon on Hard Mode

“This game is far too easy.”  This is a phrase that you will never hear me say.  Despite being a gamer, I still consider myself an intermediate gamer at best.  Even Pokemon can be a challenge for me when I’m just playing it normally.  So when I challenged myself to do a Nuzlocke playthrough of Pokemon Silver, I knew I was in for a rough ride.

I couldn’t find a non-DeviantArt Nuzlocke related image.  Have a bunny instead.

For those who don’t know, here’s a brief explanation of what a Nuzlocke playthrough is.  The rules are simple:  1) You may only capture the first Pokemon you meet in each new area.  If it faints or flees, you can’t capture any other Pokemon.  2)  If a Pokemon on your team faints, it’s considered dead.  You must release it.  3) If all of your Pokemon die and you black out or white out, it’s Game Over.  I added an additional rule for myself, just to make the game even more difficult.  4) I was only allowed to get all of my Pokemon to the same level as the Gym Leader’s strongest Pokemon and no higher.  And now you know the rules I set for myself as I picked up Silver.  And, boy, this was some experience.

The adventure started off terribly as I tried multiple ways to even start PLAYING this game.  First, both my Gold and Silver GameBoy Color copies finally ran out of batteries, so I couldn’t save the games.  Then the emulator I found online for Crystal simply decided it wouldn’t load any of my saved games.  Finally, I shilled out $45 to just buy SoulSilver on the DS and get this game legitimately STARTED already.

Once the game finally started, it went along well for a while.  I tried to make my team as diverse as possible, considering the rules.  I even got a full team fairly quickly, putting any additional Pokemon I captured into storage in case I needed them.  However, things took a sad turn when I lost my favorite Pokemon to the rival of the game (whom I nicknamed Prick).  Nothing the Dunsparce (so named because a friend of mine, when I asked him to name it, said “I’ve got nothing”) was killed by the opponent’s Rattata.  Dunsparce had been a good member of the team, going so far as to help me defeat the first Gym Leader.  Most people think Dunsparce is stupid.  But Nothing the Dunsparce was a strong and noble creature.  I salute you, Sir Nothing.

Things got progressively worse as I went along.  I lost the replacement I got for Dunsparce, a Paras I named Funguy, fairly quickly.  I soon got a second replacement and trained hard.  Everyone told me the third Gym Leader, Whitney, was hard as balls.  I foolishly didn’t listen.  I just trained and went along my merry way.  As soon as I started fighting Whitney, I lost Pokemon after Pokemon after Pokemon until, finally, I simply lost.  Whitney’s Miltank was simply too strong for me.

So, in honor of my lost Pokemon, in honor of KillerCroc the Croconaw, Sissel the Gastly, OwlBeBack the Hoothoot, Pussywillow the Bellsprout, Rockington the Geodude, Carrie the Drowzee, and especially Nothing the Dunsparce, I ask you all to be cautious.  If you start a Nuzlocke challenge, cherish your Pokemon.  You simply never know when their next attack will be their last.


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