Review: Kirby Triple Deluxe

After the kind of week I’ve had, I needed something lighter to talk about.  Something harmless.  Something cute.  Something downright cheery, even.  Kirby, for me, is the embodiment of all three of these… Well, maybe not harmless.  I mean, Kirby IS essentially a cannibal of sorts… Anyway. Kirby Triple Deluxe!

The plot of the game goes a bit like this:  A giant plant of some sort, not unlike a giant beanstalk, has sprouted up from underneath Kirby’s house.  Someone has also kidnapped King Dedede.  It’s up to Kirby to save his “enemy” and find out what’s going on.

Let’s be honest, though.  Nobody really goes into a Kirby game for the plot.  What people really like in this is the gameplay.  I’ll be honest, this game doesn’t really bring anything all that unique to the Kirby games.  It’s still the “get from point A to point B, maybe solve a few puzzles, fight a few mini-bosses” that Kirby usually has. (Heck, most platformers seem to do this.)  What this game DOES have, though, are some cool new power-ups.

Kirby has a fairly unique sort of gameplay, in my opinion.  Sure, Sonic and Mario have their power-up options, with quick shoes and fire flowers and such.  However, Kirby has always had more variety when it comes to power-ups for me.  The new power-ups introduced in this game are Circus, Bell, Beetle, Archer, and the one I tend to call “Super Kirby,” Hypernova.  All these power-ups are really cool and are used fairly often to help you solve puzzles.  Of these, I find the Beetle is my favorite, if only because its moves are so powerful.  Archer, however, is a close second as it has great range.  My least liked new power-up is Circus.  While it does look cool and fun, it just feels clunky while using it.  It’s a bit hard to use if you don’t already know what your doing.

On the Graphics and Design front, I just want to get this out of the way:  THIS GAME IS SO PRETTY.  Seriously, the backgrounds, and even the foregrounds, just are beautifully designed.  The designs for the enemies are good, too.  The bosses are all actually really cool and challenging.  My favorite boss is probably the Final Boss of the game, who has a great insect design.

I wouldn’t exactly call this game easy, but I wouldn’t say it’s too difficult either.  Like most Kirby games, this one starts getting really challenging as the levels go on.  It takes some patience to get through it, solve puzzles, and finally find the one power-up that was essential to beating the level.  There’s also the added challenge of finding all of the Sun Stones (this games version of Mario’s Star Coins).  The Sun Stones aren’t too difficult to find, but it also takes some brain power to get them all.

Ultimately, if you have played Kirby games before and don’t already like them, I can’t see this game converting you.  It’s still got all the staples of Kirby with not-too-difficult platforming, power-ups galore, and a cutesy atmosphere.  However, if you do like Kirby or if you’ve never played a Kirby game before, I think this is a great game to add to your collection.


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