Flicking Through Netflix: Adventure Time (Seasons 1 and 2)

It’s not often that I turn my opinion completely around about something.  In fact, I consider myself stubborn enough that I don’t really like changing my opinions on things without a very good reason.  When I first started Adventure Time, I didn’t really like it at all.  I found it a bit overly random, the humor wasn’t my style, and it just didn’t do much for me.  I got to episode 6, titled The Jiggler, before deciding that I didn’t care for the show in the slightest and dropping it completely.  Then, Laura started getting into it, kept talking it up, binge watching the show.  Now I’ve seen all of the first two seasons in 3 days.  So, it’s with a bit of reluctance on my part that I admit my new found love of Adventure Time.


Adventure time follows Finn the Human and his magic dog, Jake, as they have adventures through the fantastical land of Ooo.  It’s a land filled with candy people, monsters, insane kings with ice powers, and unicorns made out of rainbows.  Finn and Jake act as the heroes of this land, rescuing damsels, beating the bad guys, and just having fun.

If it’s not clear from the description alone, this show feels like it was made with one sole purpose in mind: RANDOM.  Random humor takes a bit of finesse and skill to do it right.  This show, for me, started off a bit TOO out there.  It felt like they just threw the audience into the middle of a world without any real explanation for who these characters were or how this world really worked.  Over time, however, you do start to get a sense of the… “logic,” to use the term very loosely, of the show.  Even better, over the course of the episodes, you really get to know the fantastic characters.

Finn and Jake started off more than a little bland in my eyes, despite Jake’s stretchy Mr. Fantastic powers.  They just felt like generic good guys.  By the end of season 2, they’ve been fleshed out decently enough, showing us their strengths and weaknesses and the way they interact with both each other and the side characters.  The side characters, really, are my favorite parts of this show.  They seem to have the more interesting stories and designs.  My favorite side character, as is apparently a fan favorite side character, is Marceline, the Vampire Queen.  All episodes that have been centered around her and her relationship with the main characters have been awesome, especially my favorite (so far) “It Came from the Nightosphere.”  She is just one kick ass character.

The art style of the show also grew on me over time as the animation has gotten cleaner and smoother in general.  The designs are all very simplistic with simple, smooth coloring.  This all just works as the aesthetic of the show because, despite the simplicity, the designs all feel very creative.  The creatures this show creates are all very cool and interesting looking.  They can also make the designs look extremely creepy or downright disturbing.  (Looking at you, the Lich.)

In the end, I’m glad I gave the show another chance.  My opinion on it has done a complete turn around.  I used to hate the random humor and the simple art design.  Now, I have learned to embrace both.  If you’re curious about Adventure Time, I do suggest giving it a watch.  It may take a while to get into, but you’ll eventually get used to the way the show presents itself.  And now, to end this article as most Adventure Time episodes end: randomly.  Penguins can give birth to kittens, even if the penguin is male.



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