Reader Beware: Deadpool Kills Deadpool

“I am my own worst enemy.”  This is a saying that has been said by a lot of people.  Heck, it’s a sentiment I’ve felt about myself a few times.  Now that Deadpool has killed every hero and villain from both his own universe and the literary universe, who else could there be left to kill?  Himself, of course!  And for Deadpool, as everyone knows, there’s no kill like overkill!  So it’s Deadpool’s mission to kill every alternate version of himself he can find.  And it’s also Deadpool’s job to put a stop to all the killing.  Confused?  Good!  This is Deadpool Kills Deadpool.

“The final act of the Deadpool Killogy begins! Deadpool sets his sites on the ultimate target… himself! Contains over 700% of your daily recommended Deadpool!”  ~Amazon

The story for this entry of the series is, admittedly, more than a little confusing.  It starts off with a black clad Deadpool killing off a zombie-headed Deadpool, then we get to another, “regular” Deadpool meeting up with a group called the Deadpool Corps. and I’m already confused just recalling everything.  The problem with this book is that it takes an over-the-top concept, like Deadpool fighting himself, and drives THAT over-the-top, like a thousand different types of Deadpools fighting themselves.  When nothing feels serious, not even the killings, it’s hard to take the book… well, seriously.  As you can tell, this is the most comedic out of the entire Deadpool Killogy.  The fact that the series chucked its serious/horror roots out the window completely at this point does impact it a little negatively.  The deaths just don’t hold as much weight for me if the whole tone is comedic.

The art style, at least, is appropriate for this comedic tone.  Everything feels like the most cartoony the series has gotten to this point.  The action and characters are all overblown to the max.  For the squeamish out there, this also means that the gore is very in-your-face as well.  Everything just felt… big.  Not important, not intense, not even epic, just very big.  There’s a huge, long fight scene between all the Deadpools at one point and it didn’t feel like a climax , it just felt like a very big battle.  You would think that’s cool, and it is to a point.  However, I just need more to a book, like depth and meaning, rather than just everything feeling huge and over-the-top.

This, in my opinion, is the weakest book out of the Deadpool Killogy.  The story just doesn’t have a satisfying ending for me and even ends on a bit of a cliffhanger.  In short, there’s just too much here.  Too much fighting, too much joking, and… Well, too much Deadpool.  Here’s what I mean.  Have you ever said a word over and over so many times to the point where it just starts sounding weird the more times you say it?  That feeling is how I felt about Deadpool by the time this book was over.  I may take a break from superhero comics for a good long while.  However, if you can never have too much Deadpool, I challenge you to give this conclusion to the Deadpool Killogy a try.


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