Review: Lucy

I consider myself a man of reasonable intelligence.  I’m not a genius, but I can get by.  I was a smart kid, at least.  I did really well in school and still do well as a graduate student.  And yet, I don’t feel like I was smart enough for this movie.  When this movie was over, there was just one word in my head:  What?  This is Lucy.

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Cosplayers and Observers: A Guide to Basic Etiquette at Conventions

(This post is one of a few projects made for the Nova Southeastern University class WRIT 5400.)

Conventions are wonderful events where dedicated geeks/nerds and casual fans alike can come together to see all sorts of cool things. There are (usually) awesome actors signing autographs, mountains of merchandise that make your money disappear, and thousands of people of all shapes and sizes. If a convention is done right, everyone will have a good time, leaving with lots of fond memories and sweet con swag. However, there are certain rules of decency you must abide by if you are hoping to have a good time at a convention and not put others in a bad mood.

Today’s topic of discussion revolves around 2 particular types of people: Cosplayers (those who come to conventions dressed in a costume based on their favorite character) and Observers (basically everyone besides those whom are cosplaying at a convention). This will by no means be an extensive list regarding every single possible situation regarding the previously mentioned two types of people. It is limited to my knowledge and experiences I have had personally. Still, these are some basic rules to follow if you would like to come off as a decent human being at a convention.

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How to Binge Watch TV Shows Online!

(This post is one of a few projects made for the Nova Southeastern University class WRIT 5400.)

Editor/Director/Writer: Richard Rodriguez

Pictures taken from various sources online. If you see your image in the video and wish to be credited for it, please contact me through the Youtube messenger or leave a comment below. It was not my intention to infringe on copyright, merely to use the most appropriate visuals possible for this silly little video. I have no intention on monetizing this video.

Music:  Crêpe Suzette by Composer Cyril Watters

(To Professor Mason, the Reflective portion of this and other projects shall be posted under a blog post titled Project Reflections.  I just didn’t want to make each post too long and it seems easier to just post all the reflections in one post.)

Updates and Announcements

I haven’t been around much lately.  I apologize for that.  The last few weeks of my summer semester have been extremely busy.  In fact, the work flow hasn’t slowed down too much and I’m still working on a few projects that I have to get done.  This update partially involves said projects.

Over the next few days, I’m going to be posting a few things up that I wouldn’t normally post.  They will include a How To video, a document about an app that I made up, a file talking about how I use my free time, and a blog about cosplay etiquette at cons.  These posts will at once be much more formal than my usual style and much, MUCH longer than usual as well.  I’m posting these things here as a requirement for a class which requires a website be used as a sort of “assignment portfolio.”  Of course, you’re all welcome to take a look at the things I post, but I won’t be sharing said articles on Twitter as I don’t fully consider them “normal” articles.

Also, on August 2nd, I will be going to visit my wonderful fiancee, Laura, for 3 weeks!  I’ll be taking my laptop with me so updates should continue normally… Well, hopefully I’ll blog a bit more frequently than I have been.

That’s pretty much all I had to say.  I know it’s not a big post today but I just wanted to give any regular readers out there a sort of “heads up” warning.  Thanks for being patient with me!

Gym Leader Daffy: My Ultimate Gym

Update: If you’d like to read Laura’s fantasy gym, read all about it here!

Yes, I know.  I promised to continue reader beware month.  I don’t know why I haven’t felt motivated to do book reviews lately, but I just haven’t.  I apologize.  I’ll be going back to my normal blog rules (blogging about whatever I please) on my normal blog schedule (at least once a week) from now until I say different.  I just feel like talking about different things.  Such as today’s topic.

There was news today that Pokemon OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire will be re-introducing the Secret Base function for Pokemon games.  This is honestly something I’ve never heard of, so I asked some friends of mine who are better versed in Pokemon lore.  They basically said that they’re places where you can basically set up a room of your very own.  In addition, the new games will have an added bonus:  People will now be able to make their own Pokemon Gyms!  This has me super excited and got me thinking:  If I was a Gym Leader for a Pokemon game, what would it be like?  What would its theme be?  What would be my type preference?  Well, this blog will be talking about exactly that!  I will list what I would set up as my ultimate Gym experience if I was a Pokemon Gym Leader!

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