My Quantified Self: The Internet vs Books

(This post is one of a few projects made for the Nova Southeastern University class WRIT 5400.)

I spend the majority of my time online.  In fact, I would say that I spend 90% of a normal day next using a computer in some way.  I’m either doing school work, writing a blog, or surfing the internet in my free time.  One of my favorite pass times is browsing YouTube to watch new and interesting videos.  However, my other favorite pass time is reading.  So, when trying to figure out how to “quantify” myself, I decided to put my two favorite pass times to the test.  What do I spend more time doing:  watching videos or reading for fun?

As such, for one week, I wrote down how many minutes I spent watching different types of videos and how many pages I read from a book.  (I timed how long it took me to read 1 page from a book and it got so close to a minute that I decided to just count each page read as 1 minute of time reading.)  I decided to use Pie Graphs in order to chart out the information because I felt it was the best way to show how my time was split up percentage wise.

When it comes to watching videos, I feel as if there are 2 ways I actually “watch” videos:  1) I give the video my undivided attention and watch it the whole time; or 2) I have the video running as background noise as I surf the internet.  As I didn’t know if I should include one way of watching over the other, I decided to just include both ways of watching videos in my data collection.  I also divided up the types of videos watched in order to see what types of videos I devote more time in watching.  What follows is a brief description for the types of videos shown in the charts.

Video Game Videos:  Videos that involve video games, such as reviews of video games, Top 10 lists, and Let’s Play videos.

Movie Videos:  The videos that fall under this category are reviews of movies and movie clips I find online.

Educational Videos:  Videos where the content is teaching me something in some way.

News Videos:  Videos that talk about current events going on in the world today.

Misc. Videos:  These are videos that I couldn’t really put under any other categories.  These videos range from vlogs to random cartoons.

When it comes to the reading, there are two types of books I read throughout the week.  For the first two days, I read a Young Adult Fiction titled WARP by Eoin Colfer.  The rest of the week was spent reading an Urban Fantasy book titled Divine Misfortune by A. Lee Martinez.

Without further ado, here are the charts!

1. SundayI will use the above chart to give an example of how I “read” the charts for this project.  As you can see, I spent a grand total of 253 minutes either watching videos or reading in my spare time on Sunday.  I spent 214 minutes watching Video Game related videos, 19 minutes watching miscellaneous videos, and 20 minutes reading.  You can use this as an example in reading the rest of the charts.  Please note that the colors for each category in each chart are often unique to that chart alone.

2. Monday3. Tuesday

4. Wednesday

5. Thursday

6. Friday

7. SaturdayInterpreting the Data:

It’s no surprise to see that I spent far more of my free time watching videos than I did reading.  I spend far more of my free time online than off.  Still, it was interesting to find how much time I spent specifically each day watching videos or reading.  By my calculations, I spent an average of about 4 hours a day reading or watching videos.  The odd one out from this trend is Monday, when I spent about 7 and a half hours watching videos or reading.  I think the answer to my question is clear:  I watch a lot of videos in my abundant amounts of spare time.


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