Dog Ate My Homework: Excuse Maker App

(This post is one of a few projects made for the Nova Southeastern University class WRIT 5400. In no way is any of this post real.)

App LogoDog Ate My Homework:  The Excuse Maker App

An App Proposal by Richard Rodriguez

August 1st, 2014

Submitted to Eric Mason

Executive Summary

Dog Ate My Homework is an app where a user can press a button whenever they need a good excuse.  It is mostly an app aimed at entertainment value but can also be used for practical purposes.  The entertainment will come from the humor of the excuses both made up by the app makers and submitted by the users.  It will gain profits through paid advertisements related to entertainment.


Imagine if you will:  It’s your first day off in what seems like years.  You have a full day of nothing but kicking back and relaxing ahead of you.  You take a moment to sit in your favorite chair and put your feet up when suddenly the phone rings.  It’s a friend of yours who was hoping you could come over and help them move.  You really don’t want to, so you have to think of something to tell them but, because this request came out of nowhere, you’re drawing a blank.  What do you do?

You turn to Dog Ate My Homework!  Or DAMH (pronounced like “damn”) for short.  Don’t give just any excuse, give a DAMH!

Statement of Need

It’s a common event in life where one will come across a situation where they need an excuse on the fly.  Maybe you forgot to do your homework.  Maybe you’re running late for work.  Maybe there’s a party going on this weekend that you just can’t be bothered to attend.  Often when people find themselves in these situations, they fall back on the same boring cliches.  “My dog ate my homework!”  “There was really heavy traffic this morning.”  “I’m washing my hair that night.”  DAMH offers users an easy and creative alternative to those tired excuses.

This app is aimed at more “mature” audiences, meaning high school students, college students, and adults.  This is because the nature of some of the excuses may be a bit more mature for younger audiences.

We hope that the audience generates quick “word of mouth” growth and that users will actively share their experiences with the app with others.  The app is mainly an “entertainment” app, an app generated mostly for people to read the random excuses and share them with their friends for a laugh.  However, the app will also have practical use with viable excuses that can be used at a moments notice.

While there are other Excuse Maker apps out there, this one seems to be the first that allows users to both generate excuses and vote on other users’ excuses.  Other apps seem to have no user interactivity between the users besides a “liking or disliking” of certain excuses already submitted.

There may also be users who abuse the app a bit.  Some of the excuses submitted and voted on may be “sub par” or “dashed together on the fly.”  In that case, either the users voting on the excuses shall see these and vote against them or the admins of the app will catch the excuses and delete them before posting them to the main excuse line.

The app will generate revenue mostly through the advertisements for various related entertainment apps.  There will also be a “premium” version of the app with less advertisements but will cost more for the user.

The app will also involve user interactivity with a voting function regarding submitted excuses.  I will go into more details regarding this feature in the App Description section.

App Description

The main icon for the app is shown at the top of this document.  When going into the app, the user will be presented with 3 buttons:

Take an Excuse!: This will be the main draw of the app. People will be able to push a button and get a randomly picked excuse from a large archive.  Once the user chooses this option, they will be presented with 2 other buttons.

Serious Excuse:  This will be the button people use if they need a practical excuse for any situation.

Fun Excuse:  This will be the button that gives forth implausible yet entertaining excuses.

Whichever button the user presses, they will then be given a range of excuse topics to choose from.  These topics are the following:

Why is my homework/work late?

Why am I not attending this event?

Why am I running late for this event?

Why am I not working today?

Make an Excuse!: Users will have the option to think up excuses and submit them to the app. However, the app will not automatically post the excuses to the pile. Instead, there will be another feature on the app that will allow users to pick which user-generated excuses shall become permanently part of the app.

Vote on Excuses!: As talked about above, this will be the feature in the app where people can read user-generated excuses and vote on whether or not said excuse shall become a permanent part of the app. This will promote user-interactivity of an at least limited nature. Excuses that are seen as the most popular each week will be posted on the app permanently.



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