Project Reflections

This will be the post where I talk about how each of my WRIT 5400 projects changed, how they challenged me, and what I learned while making them.

Instruct Someone:  How to Binge Watch a TV Show Online!

When we were told to make a project instructing someone in some way, I almost immediately thought of the idea for How to Binge Watch.  I wanted to make it a funny How To guide poking fun at the whole process of binge watching.  However, there was one thing I knew I had to do in order to make it work:  I had to make it a video.

I talked at length about how much I hated editing the video together.  I came across multiple glitches that made the process slower than I would have liked.  By the end of it, I was sick to death of the sound of my own voice.  And yet, I came out with a product that I’m proud of and that, for the most part, I loved making.  I loved scripting out what I thought was a humorous video, I loved being in front of the camera again and trying my hardest to “act.”  The editing was the biggest problem of the whole thing.

The product didn’t change all that much from script to screen.  I just tightened the dialogue in a few places and made the character of the Narrator a bit stronger.

Propose an App:  Dog Ate My Homework

This is, honestly, the project that I had the most problems with.  First, I wasn’t entirely sure what kind of app I wanted to make.  The first thing I thought of was a game that was addictive like Flappy Bird.  However, I felt like making a game went against the purpose of the project.  We had to think of something useful for users.  I finally came up with the idea for the Excuse Maker app.

I then had trouble trying to decide what it should really DO.  Should it randomly generate excuses?  Should it only feature excuses submitted by users?  Eventually, I thought of the features described in the article.  I mostly thought to do it that way because, although there are other Excuse apps out there, most of them don’t have a lot of user interactivity.  Making an app, just coming up with one, is a lot harder than I originally thought it would be.

I didn’t like how my app icon came out.  I’m not a very artistic person.  Doodling is the extent of my artistic talent.  Yet, I couldn’t find any cheap Mac compatible apps to make an icon.  The professor tried to give me some help, but I didn’t feel the need to download an app that I would only use once.  So, I went the drawing route and I’m not overly happy with it.  You’ll notice that I didn’t include an example of the interface.  I couldn’t get the drawing down very well.  I apologize.  I know it’ll affect my grade, but I’ll just take the hit.

Quantify Yourself:  The Internet vs Books

This one honestly probably went through the least change from first draft to last.  The only thing that really changed was my idea was to make bar graphs.  I instead ended up making bar graphs because it was easier.

The project itself, once I collected the information and added it all together, was fairly straightforward.  The results were about what I expected.  I spend a vast majority of my time online.  I guess the only real surprise was how little I read throughout the week.

This article is probably the simplest one out of all of them.  The information was really easy to put together and present.  Honestly, I don’t have much to say about it.

Service Learning Project:  Cosplayers and Observers:  A Guide to Basic Etiquette at Conventions

This project was actually a lot of fun to put together.  I haven’t been to a lot of conventions in my life, but the few I’ve been to have been a lot of fun.  I had a good time remembering those conventions and trying to come up with advice to give to attendees.  As I mentioned in class, this project was inspired by my own experiences with cosplayers at conventions.  When coming up with this project, I felt like the whole cosplay situation was the best option for making a guide about convention etiquette.

This project didn’t change all that much from the first draft to the finished product.  The biggest change it went through was the addition of pictures, which was a great suggestion in class.  The article was just lacking that certain visual appeal without the pictures.  I really love the pictures I ended up using as well.  The two pictures resembling the Observers and Cosplayers were obviously pictures I took myself.  However, the general picture of the convention was one I found of MegaCon online.

All in all, I’m proud of all these projects.  I had a good time making a majority of them.  I learned a lot about technical writing in this class and I’m sure I’ll use what I learned to write blogs in the future.  Thanks, Professor Mason, for a good class!


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