It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (For Me)

I know, I know.  I haven’t been around for a month.  Apologies, I’ve been preoccupied with a few things.  Let’s call the last month an unannounced vacation on my part.  I’ll try to do better from now on but that may become a bit harder.  The reason for that will become apparent in a moment.

As a general announcement before I get to the good stuff, I am now unofficially officially unofficially writing for my school’s newspaper under a section they call Sharkastic Reviews.  Why the confusion with the unofficial/official stuff? Well, I was told that they like my style for their reviews and was even offered my own website spinoff.  However, my contact/the editor in chief gets really busy and takes a while to get back to me on stuff.  I understand the business and I’m not mad about it.  I’m just eager to start doing something for an official website… You know, outside of the Haunted Drive-In.

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