My Top 13 Favorite Treehouse of Horror Segments

Despite my absence due to personal work matters, it’s still Halloween Specials Week here at Richard’s Weekly Journal!  The Simpsons has one of the greatest yearly Halloween specials of all time, the Treehouse of Horror.  Even the most hardhearted Simpsons fan admits to tuning into this wonderful special every year.  There are dozens of fantastic segments that have been shown in these episodes.  But which are the best?  I have no idea.  What I DO know is there are quite a few I would consider my favorites.  These are my Top 13 Favorite Treehouse of Horror Segments!

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Halloween Specials Week: A Pinky and the Brain Halloween

Welcome back to Halloween Specials Week here on Richard’s Weekly Journal!  What would you do to fulfill your fondest dreams?  How far would you go?  Would you sell your soul to the devil for a single wish?  The Faustian deal is a familiar story and a lot of cartoons have done it.  It’s even more common, however, for someone to try to renegotiate with the Devil once he’s finished his part of the bargain.  This episode has a familiar megalomaniacal mouse going up against Beelzebub himself.  It’s the Pinky and the Brain Halloween special.

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Halloween Specials Week: A Hero for Halloween (Proud Family)

It’s Halloween Specials Week here on my blog!  Thus far, I’ve only talked about decent to great Halloween specials.  However, sometimes it’s good to look at the bad along with the good.  Seeing something bad helps you appreciate the good all the more.  Yeah, you can already guess what I thought of this episode.  It’s A Hero for Halloween, the Proud Family Halloween special.

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Halloween Specials Week: Night Ghoulery (Tiny Toon Adventures)

Hello and welcome back to my week long look at Halloween specials!  Parodies are a big part of this holiday.  Some of the biggest horror comedies of the past 2 decades have been parodies that give light-hearted commentary on old tropes.  As they say, the only difference between horror and comedy is the punchline.  Today’s Halloween special comes from one of my favorite cartoons as a kid that was famous for its pop culture commentary.  It’s Night Ghoulery from Tiny Toon Adventures.

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Halloween Specials Week: Summerween (Gravity Falls)

Here’s yet another blog in my Halloween Specials Week.  When are you too old for Halloween? Never, is what I say.  If it was socially acceptable, I’d still be going out for Trick-or-Treating even at 23.  But society does play a big factor in this.  Eventually, everyone thinks you’re too old to collect candy.  Today’s episode revolves around one character thinking he’s crossed that age line at 12.  It’s the Summerween episode of Gravity Falls. Continue reading

Halloween Specials Week: The Grave Escape (El Tigre)

Welcome back to Halloween Specials Week!  Halloween isn’t the only holiday where people dress up and honor things of a more macabre nature.  There’s also the Day of the Dead celebrated in Mexican culture.  On this holiday, families gather around and have a party celebrating the lives and memories of their long gone loved ones.  It’s their belief that the spirits of their relatives gather with them also and join the celebration.  At least, that’s what I’ve always heard, having never celebrated myself.  Today’s episode revolves around that holiday.  This is the El Tigre Episode, The Grave Escape.

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Halloween Specials Week: Dark and Stormy Night (Family Matters)

Welcome to my week long celebration of Halloween specials!  One of the most common traditions around this time of year is to tell scary stories.  People gather around, shine a flashlight under their face, and try to creep out their listeners with a terrifying tale.  Nowadays, people instead gather to watch a horror flick of some kind.  Still, I’d like to think there are people out there still gather and try to freak each other out with nothing but spoken word.  Today’s special revolves around that concept.  It’s the episode of Family Matters called Dark and Stormy Night.

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