Halloween Specials Week: A Hero for Halloween (Proud Family)

It’s Halloween Specials Week here on my blog!  Thus far, I’ve only talked about decent to great Halloween specials.  However, sometimes it’s good to look at the bad along with the good.  Seeing something bad helps you appreciate the good all the more.  Yeah, you can already guess what I thought of this episode.  It’s A Hero for Halloween, the Proud Family Halloween special.


Penny Proud feels like she’s too old for Halloween.  But her family forces her to celebrate anyway by dressing up as Snack Girl, a superhero made especially to sell her father’s new Halloween themed snacks.  For a reason that’s never adequately explained, eating the snacks gives Penny superpowers and she’s turned into a hero for the night.  Oh, and there’s some barely comprehensible subplot involving the Proud house being haunted every 10 years on October 31st.

To start off with, this story has a flimsy connection to Halloween at best.  Sure, they stick in a ghost plot to fit the spooky theme and it happens to take place on the holiday, but the Hero plot is what gets the most focus.  In fact, the ghost is defeated using Penny’s new powers.  I just didn’t like that they stuck a random Superhero story into this.  It just didn’t feel right for the holiday

I used to like the Proud Family.  I remembered it being funny because it was grounded in reality for the most part but had over the top scenarios at times.  The magic shenanigans of Al Roker come to mind, for example.  However, if this episode is any indication, I just don’t find the Proud Family funny anymore.  Here’s why.

Every character revolves around one joke:  Mr. Proud is loud and annoying.  Penny is a pre-teen brat.  Wizard Kelly is full of himself.  Penny’s uncle sings his every line in the same annoying manor.  Sugar Momma’s boyfriend says insulting things in Spanish and laughs the same way every single time.  I could go on and on. These jokes aren’t funny, they’re grating.  They’re pointless.  I kept waiting for each character to get to a punchline only to realize each character was TRYING to be a punch line.  And the jokes the characters actually attempt to make are run into the ground far before they start to be funny.

The animation for this show isn’t all that great either.  It’s hard to explain, but everything just feels stiff to me.  Like the characters aren’t moving as fluidly as they should be.  They go quickly from one extreme pose to the next without any sense of flow.  Granted, the designs are nice to look at for the characters, but when they start moving, I start losing interest.

What can I say?  I just didn’t find this enjoyable at all.  The story didn’t make sense to me, the humor was non-existent.  Not even the animation could save it.  Maybe the Proud Family just isn’t the show for me.  Perhaps I need a hero for Halloween to save me from this horrible mess of a special.


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