Richard’s Christmas Merry-thon: An Introduction


Season of joy, good will toward men, Santa Claus is coming to town!

It’s Christmas time! Granted, Christmas isn’t the ONLY holiday going on this time of year, but it’s the one I celebrate.  And refuse to let another year go by where in I don’t do something to celebrate this wonderful holiday.  See, most years, I usually do a few blogs about Halloween during October, but I find I have never truly given the Christmas holiday its fair share of attention.  Even though I like the macabre holiday a bit more, I DO still love Christmas.  As such, I’m making this particular blog post to announce a new batch of blogs!  I’m calling it, Richard’s Christmas Merry-thon!, this is going to work similar to my Halloween Specials Week earlier this year.  Every day for the next week or so, I will have a Christmas related blog.  The majority of these blogs will definitely be reviews of Christmas specials, be they obscure movies, well known classics, one-off episodes of TV shows, anything goes. There’s been hundreds of Christmas related media over the years, so I have a big batch to pick from.

I might have a few more blogs about my thoughts on aspects of Christmas, maybe a top 10 favorite list about something or other.  The point here is, I want to celebrate a fun holiday as best as I can on a blog.  So expect a blog every day leading to Christmas and maybe for a few days after as well. We’ll see how long my Christmas spirit lasts once the holiday is done.

For now, though, no matter what you celebrate, I hope you enjoy the upcoming blogs.

Happy holidays!


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