Christmas Merry-thon: A Colbert Christmas

Well, my friends.  The Colbert Report is over.  The Stephen Colbert that gave us news in a hilarious and satirical manner has now departed on Santa’s sleigh with Abraham Lincoln and Alex Trebek into the great eternity.  It was a suitably funny, heartwarming, and sad ending all at the same time.  While I would talk about the ending, what the Colbert Report meant to me and such, I think it’s far more appropriate if I instead talked about a new tradition in my household.  Every year around Christmas time, Laura and I grab the DVD, sit back and watch A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All.

It’s Christmas time and Stephen Colbert is planning a huge Christmas special.  However, Stephen is trapped in a cabin by an angry bear outside his door making him unable to get to New York in time for Christmas!  Luckily, a lot of celebrities seem to be in the area and keep dropping by to see if they can help him.

A Colbert Christmas has been one of my favorite Christmas specials ever since I first saw it.  Even before I saw it, I was a big fan of The Daily Show and the Colbert Report.  I really clicked with their sarcastic and ironic humor.  So when I was told that Colbert made a holiday special that didn’t have anything to do with the news, I just had to see it.  The great news here is, you do not need to know a darn thing about Stephen Colbert to enjoy this special.

This show is genuinely hilarious.  From some slapstick bits, to a few bits of “meta humor” to taking jabs at a few of the more ridiculous aspects of the holiday, there’s not a single joke in this I don’t laugh at every time I see it.  It helps that Stephen Colbert himself has a great sense of comedic timing.  He also has wonderful facial expressions that lend very well to physical humor.  The real hilarity from this ep, though, comes from its songs.

This is a semi-musical special in that the guests regularly break out in a song that ties into whatever the current topic of conversation is.  The album for this special is available on iTunes and I highly recommend each and every song.  However, since I don’t have the time to talk about all the songs, I’ll just talk about my top 3.

Nutmeg:  A love song by John Legend about a beloved holiday spice.  Of course, there’s double entendres galore that relate adding a spice to eggnog to sex.  This is a song that easily gets stuck in my head every Christmas.  It’s also probably the funniest song in the entire special simply because of the double meanings.

Can I Interest You in Hanukkah?:  A duet by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert where Jon tries to convince Stephen that Christmas isn’t the only holiday out there.  This one is also hilarious if only for Jon’s funny singing and reactions to Stephen’s questions.  It also has a really great and hilarious ending.

There Are Much Worse Things to Believe In:  The most touching song in the entire special.  It talks about why people hate Christmas and why some of them are wrong.  It captures the true spirit of the holiday in my eyes.  Even if the holiday can get crass and seem fake, in the end, it’s about putting aside all the crass in your life and sharing love with your fellow man.  It’s a song that gets me emotional even after the holidays are done.

I highly, HIGHLY recommend A Colbert Christmas for everyone.  It’s funny, quirky, and even manages to capture that good, warm Christmas feeling in the end.  Grab it as a stocking stuffer sure to delight all.

Now, as this is the last blog before Christmas finally drops, I would like you wish you all a safe and happy holiday, no matter what you celebrate.  Hug your family, tell your friends you love them, and I hope you get everything you want and more.  Merry Christmas, everyone!  See you again soon.


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