Film Infatuation: My Love of Movies

Good news!  I’m not dead!  No, just working on my thesis.  Why haven’t I blogged much?  Thesis.  But I’ve got a blog today!

The 87th Annual Oscars happened recently.  For the fantastic opening number, Neil Patrick Harris sang the praises of moving pictures.  He referenced Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, Ghost, and a whole slew of other classics.  His song got me thinking.  While I’m a fan of most entertainment, I cannot deny my particular love of movies.

 When I was a kid, movies were basically my passion.  Every day after school, if I wasn’t watching cartoons, I was watching a movie.  I loved falling asleep while watching a movie instead of getting a bedtime story.  Movies were a big part of my life.  My tastes in movies back then definitely have shaped my taste in general as an adult.  As an example, I used to watch Beetlejuice and Nightmare Before Christmas all the time and now I love the horror genre.  Things like that have turned me into the media loving man I am today.

I think part of the reason I love films is because of their ability to draw me in like no other media can.  With video games, I am constantly thinking of my next move, the items I need, how I need to defeat a boss or solve a puzzle.  I always think of it as a game.  With books, I’m always in my own head because of the nature of reading.  TV shows don’t have the kind of power either because you have to dedicate so much time to them that it’s easy to remember it’s a TV show.  Movies are the only medium for me that can completely draw me into their worlds and take me out of my own head.  Simply put, I can always turn my brain “off” to watch a movie when I can’t with anything else.

I’m not saying films are the superior entertainment medium.  Some films are crap, just like some games can be crap or some books.  I would argue, though, that even the crappiest of crappy films can still be a lot of fun to watch.  If nothing else, Mystery Science Theater 3000 proved that you can make any bad movie funny with a little effort.  Boring films are probably the worst if only ’cause they’re so hard to mock.  Now, there are movies that even “I” have to outright hate simply because they seem to mock the intelligence of the audience.  However, a few bad apples don’t spoil the whole crop for me.

The bottom line:  Movies have shaped who I am.  I’ve learned a lot about life, relationships, morals, and the like from movies.  Movies have the ability to change your life in a short time, can make you laugh, make you question the universe, make you consider things from a different perspective.  Movies are powerful tools in the world while at the same time being forms of entertainment.  I am a film geek and I’m proud.


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