Time to Grow Up

I haven’t been living up to the name of a “weekly” journal since this year started, have I?  Sorry, loyal readers.  I’ve been preoccupied with other things.  I still don’t know if I’ll have an ample amount of time in the coming weeks to actually start blogging weekly.  The reason for this?  Quite simple.

I got a job!  Well, an internship at least.  Everyone’s gotta start somewhere, right?  As a 24-year-old man with a Master’s degree (well, I’m graduating in June) and no job experience, I pretty much expected that I’d start as an intern for some company or other.  I never expected to start at a marketing company, but I’m happy and eager to learn something new.  I’m also extremely nervous.


As I said, this is my first ever job, period.  I’ve got plenty of those fears associated with starting something new:  What am I going to have to learn?  Is it going to be difficult?  Will I be able to handle it?  What if I screw up?  What if I can’t do anything right?  Obviously, this all ties into my fear of failure (that I talked about when I was starting my Master’s program). I’m happy to say that, although that fear hasn’t died out completely, I’ve been able to quiet it some.  Failing does not lead to the end of the world.  It also helps that I don’t have anymore actual “classes” to fail.

The fear of failing has evolved into a fear of screwing up in the work place.  However, I am trying to come to terms with one simple fact:  I’m human.  I’m new to the business world.  I’ve never been in an office environment before, never really studied marketing.  However, this is what internships are all about.  I will learn to hold my own.  If I screw up, it’s fine.  I’m learning.  I will still try my hardest to make sure the things I do are correct.  However, if I make a mistake, I must learn from it and keep moving forward.

The business world is a large and scary place.  But I’m not the first person to ever trek into it without much knowledge.  Millions of people have done it before and come out on the other side looking fine.  I’m sure I can manage.

As to this site and my upcoming new video series, I still plan on keeping up both.  The video series will have an introduction up and running (HOPEFULLY) by the end of June.  I’m just going to have to learn how to prioritize my free time from now on.

Anyway, I just wanted to give you all a small update on my life and what’s been going on.  Hopefully, it will be less than a month before you hear from me again.  See you next time!


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