Halloween Special: Hallow-Weenies (Goof Troop)

I am a 90s kid through and through. I still own my Pog collection, I know the lyrics to Disney’s One Saturday Morning by heart, and I consider Goosebumps to be the pinnacle of children’s horror. I love the 90s, especially the programming of the time… Why, then, did I HATE this episode so much? This is the Goof Troop Halloween episode, Hallow-Weenies.


Pete is fixing up an old hotel for his latest money making scheme, a bed and breakfast. However, there’s one small problem: It’s haunted. Ghost hijinx ensue… That’s the whole plot.

I don’t remember a lot about Goof Troop. The most memorable things about it for me are the great SNES game and the theme song. Seeing this episode, there’s a very good reason for my lack of memory of this particular Disney Afternoon Cartoon. Namely… Based on just this episode, it’s not very good at all. And the biggest issue I have with it is the lack of plot.

Most of this episode is taken up by slapstick. Not even good slapstick, either. Really bad, really unfunny, really BORING slapstick. Not a single joke landed for me. The ghosts of the piece were annoying to the point of insanity. The main characters are given virtually nothing to do other than react to the ghosts. The whole thing just felt very flimsy for an episode premise. With any other show, giving the basic premise of “a haunted hotel” to the writers will warrant mystery, intrigue, and funny moments. In the hands of Goof Troop, we got a cartoon that needed to calm the heck down.

The animation wasn’t great. Don’t get me wrong, it was fine for Disney cartoons, but nothing felt solid. If you’re going to do slapstick in a cartoon, the characters have to look like they’re getting hurt. A rake to the face needs to LOOK solid. However, this show makes everything look rubbery and flimsy, making everything feel not as punchy. The slapstick, as a result, was just not good.

I have literally nothing else to say. This show gave me nothing to work with. For a comedy piece, it was boring. For supernatural shenanigans story, it fell flat. I may not remember much about Goof Troop, but this episode does not have me wanting to give it another shot. If I want ghosts done right, I’ll go to Danny Phantom, the Real Ghost Busters, or Beetlejuice.


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