The Spook Factor!

My fiance, Laura, has a few thoughts on our new show!

Laura's Honest Ramblings

Well, the past week was a bit eventful. I took my first trip to Nova Scotia ever by visiting a cousin in Truro, and in the meantime managed to play through and beat both “Chibi-Robo – Zip Lash!” and “Warioware: Smooth Moves.” The latter is definitely more fun with friends, but at least all the minigames are available now. As for Chibi-Robo, I agree with most reviews out there that place it at about a 6 or 7 out of 10. I personally enjoyed it as a platformer and liked having the Chibi Robo aesthetic, but Mario it is not and the first Chibi Robo game still reigns supreme.

But I digress. You might be wondering what the title of this blog means. Well, a few years ago, my fiance and I ventured into the world of internet reviewing. We posted videos of him covering everything from movies to books…

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