My Top 10 Favorite Cartoon Shows

Brace yourselves! Longer than normal post ahead! Mostly because I’m passionate about this subject and I’m making up for lost time this week.

As I approach the exact middle of my 20s, I find there is still one constant in my mind since I was a kid: I love cartoons. When I was younger, I just thought the pictures were cool and the stories were fine. As an adult, I find their artistry and story-telling can be phenomenally well done. Sure, there are some stinkers here and there, but isn’t that the case with every genre of TV show? Since I love cartoons so much and have quite a bit of experience watching them, I’ve decided to compile my first list of the new year! These are My Top 10 Favorite Cartoons of All Time! (Note: List is subject to change in the future. Tastes change, people change, new cartoons get made, etc. I may wish to change my list at some point in the unknowable future. This list reflects my mindset during the present, in my mid-20s.)

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Adventures in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Happy new year! Last year was good/bad/whatever. This year, my resolution is to blog more and make cool videos! Onto the actual blog!

During the last week of 2015 (starting directly on Christmas Day), I went on a huge Family Reunion Vacation Road Trip to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Why? A few personal reasons in my family, one of which being that we had been there before and had a great time. So, we were basically seeing if we could recapture the magic. The trip was pretty damn good over all (despite a lack of snow, which we Floridians desperately wanted to see and despite getting a cold). Rather than hear about possible family drama or some such, I thought I’d give a few short reviews on some of the attractions we went and saw! So, without further ado, here’s some things I did on my vacation.

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