Comedy Snob

I went to see Deadpool for the second time this weekend with some friends of mine. During the previews before the movie, there were 2 previews for upcoming comedy flicks, both of them being about brothers for some reason. One was about 2 screw up brothers having to find dates for their sister’s wedding. The other was a new Sacha Baron Cohen flick coming up. The entire theater was laughing at these antics… except for me. And I didn’t even notice, really, until my best friend looked at me and said “Wow, you didn’t even crack a smile once through those trailers.” And I realized, no, I hadn’t. In fact, I had found those trailers extremely annoying.

Representation of how I probably looked at the time.

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Review: Deadpool (The Movie)

Can Marvel truly do no wrong in today’s market? Well, so far, they made a hit off an obscure team nobody in the world cared about before the trailer. They made a hit off the Avenger with the lamest power (I’ll let you debate about which one I mean). They even convinced Sony to give them back a character that Sony obviously doesn’t know how to handle anymore. Can they make a hit off a completely rated R movie? Yes, they can. This is Deadpool.

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A Spooky Hiatus

I think this is the first time I’m officially announcing a hiatus for something. Weird.

So, a few life things have happened in my family in the last week. Namely, after a successful hip surgery in December, my grandmother had a pretty nasty fall. She’s fine now, but they did have to operate on the hip again.

What does this mean for me and, more importantly, you? Well, it’s been decided that my grandmother, when she gets out of rehab, should have some constant care for a while. Unfortunately, as it stands, my family can only really afford a day-time nurse for a few hours at a time. Thus, one of us needs to move in with her. Namely, me.

So, I’ll be moving in with my grandma for a while to help her, make sure she doesn’t slip and have another fall, etc. This means… No new Spook Factors for few months. (I’m just as disappointed as you that I’ve only had ONE fricking episode and already have to go on hiatus.)

Unfortunately, I don’t feel comfortable filming while living with her. It’s a quiet neighborhood with nosey neighbors. I would just rather put the show on hiatus than deal with trying to explain what stupid thing I’m doing that week. I’m not gonna let the time go to COMPLETE waste, though. I do plan on continuing my blog and drawing like I have been. I also plan on getting a head start on some other scripts (the scripting for episode 2 is already about half way done).

So, sorry, folks. But the Spook Factor’s taking a long break. But I’ll be back (hopefully) before the summer! Until next time, I’ll see you around the campfire!

Another Creative Outlet

So, I’ve been in a writing slump lately. I get this way sometimes with periods where I have hardly any confidence in the stuff I write. Highs and lows. Blah blah, you get it. It’s why I haven’t made the next Spook Factor yet. I’ve also been stuck on what to blog about. I’ve been obsessed with Undertale lately and I DO want to talk about it. However, again, writing slump. As such, I have been looking for another creative outlet. Thus, I come to what I have been up to lately: Fan art.

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