A Spooky Hiatus

I think this is the first time I’m officially announcing a hiatus for something. Weird.

So, a few life things have happened in my family in the last week. Namely, after a successful hip surgery in December, my grandmother had a pretty nasty fall. She’s fine now, but they did have to operate on the hip again.

What does this mean for me and, more importantly, you? Well, it’s been decided that my grandmother, when she gets out of rehab, should have some constant care for a while. Unfortunately, as it stands, my family can only really afford a day-time nurse for a few hours at a time. Thus, one of us needs to move in with her. Namely, me.

So, I’ll be moving in with my grandma for a while to help her, make sure she doesn’t slip and have another fall, etc. This means… No new Spook Factors for few months. (I’m just as disappointed as you that I’ve only had ONE fricking episode and already have to go on hiatus.)

Unfortunately, I don’t feel comfortable filming while living with her. It’s a quiet neighborhood with nosey neighbors. I would just rather put the show on hiatus than deal with trying to explain what stupid thing I’m doing that week. I’m not gonna let the time go to COMPLETE waste, though. I do plan on continuing my blog and drawing like I have been. I also plan on getting a head start on some other scripts (the scripting for episode 2 is already about half way done).

So, sorry, folks. But the Spook Factor’s taking a long break. But I’ll be back (hopefully) before the summer! Until next time, I’ll see you around the campfire!


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