Review: Deadpool (The Movie)

Can Marvel truly do no wrong in today’s market? Well, so far, they made a hit off an obscure team nobody in the world cared about before the trailer. They made a hit off the Avenger with the lamest power (I’ll let you debate about which one I mean). They even convinced Sony to give them back a character that Sony obviously doesn’t know how to handle anymore. Can they make a hit off a completely rated R movie? Yes, they can. This is Deadpool.

Wade Wilson is a mercenary that recently got a super-hot prostitute girlfriend and a dorky yet lovable sense of humor. Unfortunately, he’s also got cancer in like 90% of his body. He undergoes a treatment that gets him the power to heal but leaves him leaving like Freddy Krueger’s more likable cousin. And now he’s a badass that has to kill the guy who tortured him to give him superpowers. Not to mention that the fourth wall is broken so much that it’s shattered in bits and pieces on the floor.

I’m not a huge superhero comic fan, but ever since I first learned Deadpool was a thing, I’ve always liked him. I once heard him called the Bugs Bunny of the Marvel Universe. I agree with this assessment.  He is definitely a wise-cracking wise-ass.  His sense of humor is my favorite part about him. I also love that he’s not really a “hero.” He’s in it for himself. He’ll kill anyone who stands between him and his goals. And believe me when I say that this movie has the Deadpool spirit of humor, sex, and violence down perfect.

The rumors are true: This movie is rated R. And for good reason, too. It’s gorey as FUCK, and it uses the word FUCK a lot, too. It’s also got an entire MONTAGE of sex scenes and not-so-subtle sex innuendos plastered throughout the entire thing. The humor and writing were top notch and the gore and violence were very well done, too. The fight scenes were all well done, especially the high-way massacre in the first act.

The story is, honestly, nothing THAT special. It’s a straightforward origin story complete with girlfriend kidnapping and revenge plotting. I’ve heard one complaint about this movie is that it’s cliched. I don’t really understand that. From what I could tell, the movie followed Deadpool’s start pretty well (though, admittedly, I don’t really know about his origins too much). And anyway, when you come to see Deadpool, you don’t come for the original story. You come for the D… The Deadpool, that is.

So, Ryan Reynolds is perfect as the Merc with a Mouth. Everyone knows that. The supporting cast is fantastic as well, with Warhead and Colossus, two of the X-Men, showing up and helping out for a good chunk of the movie. Both are pretty well done even if Colossus does look a bit fakey most of the time. Unfortunately, the weak link here is the Villain of the piece, Ajax. Frankly… He was boring. I never really understood what his motivation was in the first place. I didn’t even see him as much of a threat to our anti-hero. He just seemed… there. Another body to hit the floor and that was that.

Is Deadpool perfect? No, it has flaws. Deadpool should look uglier but they just couldn’t manage to make Reynolds into a real burn victim. But, as an adaption of a quirky comic character? It’s damn near flawless. It might have needed a punchier baddy, but what we got was pretty damn impressive. Leave the kids at home and give this movie a watch. I NEED to see a sequel come out of this.


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