Comedy Snob

I went to see Deadpool for the second time this weekend with some friends of mine. During the previews before the movie, there were 2 previews for upcoming comedy flicks, both of them being about brothers for some reason. One was about 2 screw up brothers having to find dates for their sister’s wedding. The other was a new Sacha Baron Cohen flick coming up. The entire theater was laughing at these antics… except for me. And I didn’t even notice, really, until my best friend looked at me and said “Wow, you didn’t even crack a smile once through those trailers.” And I realized, no, I hadn’t. In fact, I had found those trailers extremely annoying.

Representation of how I probably looked at the time.

Times have changed in the film industry over the last decade. Heck, I’m sure there are those that would argue that the movie scene changes at LEAST once per decade. In my opinion, there are 2 genres that have been changing for the worse: horror and comedy. Ironically, both are getting bad for the exact same reasons: they’re just too much. They have too much swearing, too much toilet humor/gore, too much loudness, just too much. Now, I’m not a prude in the least. Far from it. I think American Pie and its 2 original sequels are brilliant.

However, today’s comedies seem… mean. Like, just plain mean. If we aren’t following a bunch of douchebag characters doing douchebag things, we’re laughing at some other person’s phenomenal pain. And it’s not just slapstick, either, it’s EXTREME slapstick where the things that hurt others don’t seem wacky, they seem painful. Not just mean, but every main character nowadays seems just stupid. And they drive the plot forward, they’re not just side characters for stupid comic relief. They’re central to the plot. And it boggles my mind. Sacha Baron Cohen should never be the central focal point of a movie. Period.

I just thought of the perfect example. Do you remember Freddy Got Fingered, the Tom Green car wreck of a movie back in the early 2000s? It was annoying, obnoxious, stupid, a waste of time, and you just wanted to hit the main character in the back of the head. Yeah, comedies nowadays are nothing but “Freddy Got Fingered”s for me. Nothing feels like it’s trying to be a fun, lighthearted romp. They all just feel completely mean-spirited.

There are exceptions, of course. I thought Deadpool was hilarious even with all its toilet and sex humor. But I just don’t like comedies today. It’s as simple as that. For me, a movie needs to be a mixture of comedy and something else in order to work nowadays. Horror comedy, action comedy, stuff like that. Straight up comedies, though? Just not for me. You guys have your laughs, I think I’ll just stick with the other genres.


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