Flicking Through Netflix: Fuller House (Our Very First Show, Again)

I grew up watching every single episode of Full House multiple times. I don’t know why. I never found it funny or charming. I guess I just found it… safe. It never challenged me as a watcher, it never offended me… It just sort of kept me company on those lazy afternoons. I never saw it as a classic. I can’t say it’s TERRIBLE, but I can’t like it, either. It’s just bland. Why, oh why, did someone decide to make a sequel show? This is Fuller House.


DJ, Stephanie, Danny, Joey, Jesse, Becky, and the rest, are all back in the old house for a bit of a family reunion. Seems DJ has moved back in with her dad because her husband died (while fighting fire, apparently). Long story short, the house will now be occupied by DJ, her sister, DJ’s kids, and Kimmy Gibbler and her daughter while DJ tries to figure out life as a single mom.

Who is this show for? I don’t think it’s for families because there are some boob jokes in it. I don’t think it’s for adults because it’s far too saccharine all the time. I guess it must be for Full House fans, which would be people who are adults now. And that’ s fine, but I can’t really assume that there’s a huge market for JUST them. So they have to be expecting newcomers to see this show, right? Here’s the problem, though. The show wasn’t built to be all that friendly for any newcomers.

Simply put, every 5 seconds, there’s yet another reference to the first show. So much so that the episode starts out with the original theme song, visuals and all. Heck, they even go so far as to do a side by side comparison for a bunch of shots, including the closing scene which plays straight homage (or is that ripoff?) to the original show. It got SUPER annoying every single time. Not to mention that the audience cheered. For every reference. Every. Single. Time. (Yes, the show had a studio audience, canned laughter and all.) But if you’re a newcomer, you’re wondering “Why are they cheering ‘Cut it out’? Why are we cheering whenever someone enters the room? Oh God, why is that woodchuck puppet hideous and why are people laughing at it?” The references were always cringe-worthy for me, plain and simple.

I guess I can at least praise the acting. Everyone seems to remember how to play their characters pretty perfectly. Even the child actors know what their doing, although the middle boy does get a little grating being a Danny Tanner clone. The only two exceptions are the Katsopolis twins, Jesse and Becky’s boys. They are non-entities and it feels like they’re not even trying.

The bottom line: this show is still ridiculously inoffensive. They purposefully made it so because like 90% of the lines are straight from the old show. Sure, there are boob jokes, but they’re pretty badly written. I found it boring at best and annoying at worst. I won’t be continuing it, but I still don’t hold a grudge if you enjoy it. There’s obviously SOME kind of audience for this thing, after all.

PS The fourth wall joke they made about the Olsen Twins was terrible and lasted FAR too long.


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