Thoughts from a Wii U Owner

So, I recently moved in with my grandma temporarily (which you’d know if you’ve been paying attention). As such, this blog is a tad late since I’ve been just getting used to being in this environment. Not a HUGE change, but a change nonetheless. Still, I’ve had at least one thing on my mind a lot recently and that thing is the Wii U.

Having recently turned 25 (a milestone, I guess), my mother wanted to get me some big, expensive gift. Already owning a PS3 and an XBox 360, I decided that I wanted a Wii U. After some time, I finally picked one up along with a few games. The next part of the story SHOULD have been simple: set up the Wii U, connect it to the internet, do some updates, play some games. However… Step 2 was a pain in the ass.

Apparently, the Nintendo company’s modern consoles have some kind of issue connecting to WiFi. I found that out the hard way. For some reason, I couldn’t connect my Wii U AT ALL to the WiFi in my house. Not the internet, just the Router’s WiFi. I was baffled but eventually Laura (my fiancee) found a work around that worked. I just had to manually put in some info about my router on the Wii U. Lo and behold, the Wii U connected to the WiFi… but refused to connect to the internet. This was extremely bizarre as my house is paying extra to have one of the fastest connections Comcast offers. Ah, but there’s the rub. Apparently, Comcast and Nintendo products don’t get along very well. So, despite finding a SECOND workaround that ALMOST worked, I still couldn’t get the console to connect in my house.

Long story short, I have managed to (EXTREMELY EASILY) set my brand new Wii U up in my grandma’s house. I have this feeling I’m still not going to manage to do it when I get to my house again. I’ll figure it out eventually, but that’s a headache for the future.

NOW, since I have played around with it recently, and played a few of my games, I decided to do some quick-fire reviews of these games just because I don’t want this blog to be TOO short.

Mario Kart 8: I’ve played a few of the other games in the series and I can say, without a doubt, that this one is a Mario Kart game. No, really, I don’t see too much different here aside from a few new courses, new characters, and pretty graphics. Sure, it’s pretty and fun, but this series was always fun. I will say, though, that the motion controls are AWFUL. FAR too slippery to handle well. Though I HAVE been getting the hang of drifting.

Splatoon: Probably the most unique game I picked up, this is a third person shooter game where you basically splatter the town in paint. I haven’t played too much of it yet, but I have had fun. The motion controls take some getting used to, but otherwise, it’s a very solid game. I LOVE the art style, the game’s sense of flow, and the sense of humor as well. I was, for some reason, reminded of Psychonauts while playing it. Maybe it’s because the styles are somewhat similar, maybe it was the quirky tone, I don’t know. But if you’re reminding me of a game I love, you’re doing something right.

Super Mario Maker: I mostly bought this game because, while I love 2D platformers, I mostly suck at them. I can say that, while I think I’m getting better, this is one frustrating game. I do love that people can finally make their own Mario levels in a quick and easy way, but it does make for some sadistic people putting their levels out there to an unsuspecting public. Still, once you finally reach that end point, you really get a great sense of accomplishment. Also, I think automatic levels get a bad rep. I’ve had a lot of fun with them and I think a lot of them are really clever.

That’s all for now! See you next time!


One thought on “Thoughts from a Wii U Owner

  1. I am glad you got your Wii U set up. I had problems with wifi connection before but after changing companies, I can run my Wii U reasonably well without fail on a 3G mobile connection. That’s right, my smart phone is my router, which is pretty cool. I have all three games that you mentioned and many more, if you are interested in purchasing any more, I can recommend a few. Good article by the way!

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