First Impressions: The Real Ghostbusters

When there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? Everyone knows the answer to this question. The Ghostbusters are a cornerstone of the geek world, especially for horror comedy lovers like myself. However, for some reason, the spin-off cartoon, The Real Ghostbusters, passed me completely by when I was a kid. My first introduction to our paranormal investigators was with the spin-off of the spin-off, Extreme Ghostbusters. And I still haven’t given the original cartoon a chance. Well, that changes today! Let me take a look at the first episode of this classic cartoon, Ghosts R Us.

After catching a trio of goofy ghosts, the Ghostbusters turn in for the night. However, a mishap with Slimer causes the three ghosts to get out. The freakish fugitives come up with a plan to discredit the titular heroes: Pose as a rival team who catches the ghosts first. Can our heroes foil the nefarious plot or is our team out of business?

I have no idea why I never really saw this show as a kid. Maybe I was distracted by other shows I really liked at the time. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t born until the last year it aired. Either way, I didn’t see it. Which is a darn shame, because this is a pretty decent show! Great? Well, I know it CAN be, but for this episode… “Great” isn’t the word I’d use.

I’ll be honest, for a first outing, this episode felt a bit stiff and rushed in places. I’ve seen various clips from this show and have watched Phelous’s Retrospective of it a few times. Therefore, I know how good the show can be. However, for this first episode, I can see where the show went through some growing pains. For starters, the voice acting felt a little off. Nobody had found the character’s true “voice” yet, so they all sounded like they kept slipping into different performances at times. This is especially true for Egon, as I never heard the same voice from him twice in the whole episode.

The animation had a few hiccups here and there, too. The designs were great, particularly for the ghosts in the story, but there were problems with the over-all movement. Sometimes the voices and mouths became a little de-synced. Sometimes the animations was choppy. Perhaps these were problems with the copy I watched, but they were still noticeable problems. Still, I really enjoyed this show’s look, for the most part. It had a very distinct personality, even in this episode.

Ultimately, I liked my first look at this show. I really can’t wait to get to know more about these versions of these characters. It has a good sense of humor, a cast that has some titans of voice acting, and a very solid and unique “look” to it. I’ll keep on watching this show for the foreseeable future. At least, I’ll watch up until the “Slimer and the Real Ghostbusters era.” I may be a GB fan, but there are some things even “I” won’t subject myself to.


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