Silent Hills is Back?

I am a gamer. Granted, I’m not very good at gaming, but I have a pretty big collection of games. So, I’ve been keeping tabs on E3, the yearly convention where big video game companies announce new, upcoming games. And, thus far, my favorite announcement has come from Sony and Hideo Kojima. Namely, a new game is being made with Norman Reedus. A game called Death Stranding. And like everyone else, one question keeps going through my mind: Is Silent Hills back?

Looking at the trailer, we see some similarities with the 2014 hit, PT (the Playable Teaser for Silent Hills). The most obvious would be Norman Reedus in HD graphics, if a bit scruffier. And naked. The other similarity seems to be the theme of fatherhood and losing a child. We also got a pretty creepy shot of five figures floating over water and a whole motif with handprints. So, is this Silent Hills making a come back? Well… I think it’s a bit more complicated than that.

Obviously, Sony can’t make a Silent Hill game where Konami still owns the rights to the series. (A right they should forfeit. Pachinko machines? PACHINKO? REEEEEALLY? Konami doesn’t deserve this series.) But, what if this is a spiritual successor, a game that is similar to the themes of Silent Hill in all but names and aesthetics? This is really what I’m hoping. And the trailer seems to confirm this for a while.

First, we have the similar baby and fatherhood symbolism in the trailer. But we also see a few clues to the character. He has a handcuff on, which means he’s probably on the run like many SH protagonists. We also see a number of dog-tags hanging around his neck. Is he a war vet? I’m guessing someone with this kind of implied background is bound to have some inner demons. There’s also a bit of a foreboding atmosphere. Something about those five floating figures freaks me out.

I’m a little skeptical, though. From the visuals of a beach and an empty landscape, this looks like it might more be a survival game like The Last of Us. That’s just a bit of a vibe I’m getting, but it could be a completely unfounded vibe. Hopefully, this is actually the PT style game we’ve all been waiting for. Whatever the game is, I’m sure Mr. Kojima will deliver something entirely unique.


One thought on “Silent Hills is Back?

  1. Jolly good post!

    We must remember that even if Silent Hills weren’t abruptly aborted, it would not have necessarily played in the same style as PT did, despite the abandoned potential we extrapolated as fans.

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