Crypt-ober: The Weeping Woman (Tales from the Cryptkeeper)

There are all types of ghost stories all around the world: restless spirits, possessive poltergeists, wandering spooks, the list goes on. Most of the stories are intended to terrify the listeners. However, there are some ghost stories with a more sad tone to get you to feel sympathetic for the spirits. Today’s story deals with a banshee type ghost of a woman who haunts an old hotel. This is the tale of the Weeping Woman.

Image result for The Weeping Woman (Tales from the Cryptkeeper)

Camille and Mildred are two teenagers who are traveling to… somewhere one day when they suddenly become stranded in an old Victorian hotel during a thunderstorm. Unfortunately for them, the inn is haunted by the restless spirit of a weeping woman. Why is the woman crying and what is with her obsession with Mildred’s new teddy bear?

Right from the start, I want to be upfront in saying this story is really mediocre. First of all, we have seen stories of distraught ghosts done much better in other shows. Second, the twists of the episode were really easy to see coming from ten miles away. Though, I have to say what absolutely destroys the episode is its horrible pacing. It seems like the writers didn’t know how to handle the story at all. Plot points come out of nowhere and the characters seem to do things at random for no real reason.

Still, at least the characters were written believably. You could tell that Camille and Mildred are old friends and that they have recently started to grow apart ever so slightly. The voice acting was pretty well done, except for the one character. Emmet, the town mechanic, has a grating voice that maddening to listen to. It’s like his voice won’t focus on a single tone so it continuously shakes in order to make your eardrums explode.

The animation was pretty well done, though that probably has to do with the fact that it’s in the show’s second season. Special mention should go to the ghostly Weeping Woman who looks fantastic. She looks equal parts creepy and awesome. She always felt like a credible threat to our main protagonists. No more to say aobut it than just that she was really cool to watch in action.

HORROR HOMAGES: The innkeeper is named Mrs. Bates and she’s old and doesn’t speak. Clever little Easter egg for the horror lovers in the audience. I also think it’s worth noting that this show’s story shares something in common with a well known Hispanic legend. SPOILERS AHEAD: The Weeping Woman is similar to La Llorona (literally translated to the Crying Woman). The Hispanic story tells of a woman whose spirit wanders the street looking for her lost child, just like our ghost in today’s episode.

The Old Witch shows up at the beginning and end of the episode to taunt Cryptie as he watches an opera. However, there was never even a mention of the Vault Keeper, which is a little disappointing. I guess the two don’t HAVE to show up together. Still, the episode was missing the banter between them.

There just wasn’t a lot to say about this episode. It wasn’t particularly bad, but it wasn’t good either. It was very average, the perfect example of middle of the road horror. It’s worth a look if only for the awesome ghost design. Otherwise, if you’re looking for a good ghost story, it’s okay to give this one a miss.


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