Crypt-ober: The Brothers Gruff (Tales from the Cryptkeeper)

Superstitions are a common thing around the world. Everybody thinks black cats are unlucky, you shouldn’t walk under ladders, and you probably don’t want to stay in room 13 in any hotel. Today’s episode talks about the superstition of trolls living under bridges. Let’s take a look at the Brother’s Gruff.

Image result for The Brothers Gruff (Tales from the Cryptkeeper)

Eddie is a paranoid kid who believes in all sorts of mythical monsters. He is also a little brother who always gets the blame for all the bad things Horace does. One day, an actual troll starts giving Eddie trouble and takes Horace, his older brother. Can Eddie save his older brother from being eaten? Should he even bother trying?

This episode was annoying. Everything about it was annoying starting with the terrible characters. Horace has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. He’s just a stereotypical bully older brother. Eddie is really unlikable as well. He just has no other real qualities outside of being superstitious. He also has the really obnoxious habit of narrating everything to himself. His friend, Sheldon, was also a little brat with the same damn one-dimensional qualities.

I can’t say much for the voice acting on display here either. What isn’t standard minimal effort on their part turns into just yelling back and forth for basically no reason. Seriously, Eddie and Sheldon yell at each other so much that it’s a wonder they’re even friends. It honestly gave me a headache along with the jittery animation. For some reason, everyone was constantly moving in this episode, like the animators were afraid to have any still frames. There are even parts where it seemed like the character started doing an action before the dialogue could catch up with the actual action.

Despite being a season 2 episode, the Old Witch and the Vaultkeeper made absolutely no appearance whatsoever.

This episode sucked, plain and simple. Just about the biggest compliments I can give it are the story was whatever and the Cryptie segments were pretty good. Other than that, this episode physically hurt me to watch. I’m gonna go take some Advil and take a nap.


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