Crypt-ober: Hunted (Tales from the Cryptkeeper)

Poachers are a true evil in this world, hunting animals for nothing but profit. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m no animal rights activist. But people who kill for the fun of it aren’t very nice people in my book. Some poachers hunt animals to extinction just for the money. These are the types of people who are truly in need of a good scare. That’s why today’s story is about a hunter who becomes… Hunted.

Image result for Hunted (Tales from the Cryptkeeper)

The hunter, who apparently has no name, hunts game in Africa with the help of some natives. Unfortunately, he doesn’t take them for food or anything useful. He takes them for nothing but profit. Now he’s being hunted by a big beast called the Onnaya. Can he survive when he’s the one being hunted? Does he even deserve to survive?

This episode is definitely a “slow burn” episode. But the burn is worth the wait because I honestly did not see it’s twist coming. The rest of the episode is okay, with the main bulk of the dialogue coming from the Hunter. He was alright as a character. Obviously, as this was a karmic story, he had to start off as a bit of an unlikable dick, but I honestly didn’t mind him too much. He was the right mix of jerk-ish, greedy, and interesting, in my opinion. But that twist is what really makes this episode really good. I even didn’t mind the environmentalist message they pushed throughout the episode. They didn’t really say hunting is WRONG. They just said hunting solely for profit is wrong, which is fine by me.

The monster design looks really cool. It looks like a unique mix of a lot of different animals, including gorilla, alligator, and some other unidentifiable things. The build up to its reveal was pretty well handled. It always seemed threatening and its menace was palpable even when it wasn’t directly involved in the action. Not much more to say about it other than that it was a really cool monster. For something the show completely made up, I think it was handled beautifully.

The horror host segments of the episode were pretty basic, but they didn’t follow the main theme too well. We have Cryptie, the Witch, and the Vaultkeeper all doing their best Mad Max impressions as they speed down the road in creative looking vehicles. Still, they weren’t particularly funny or fun to watch, so it was a little disappointing.

I really didn’t expect much from this episode, but I was really pleasantly surprised. I will fully admit, though, that my enjoyment relies solely on the fantastic twist and the great look of the monster. I would say it’s definitely among my favorites and I highly recommend this episode. It’ s a wildly good time.


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