Crypt-ober: Trouble in Store (Tales from the Cryptkeeper)

I’ve been doing my best to completely avoid season 3 of this show after the terrible first episode. However, I realize that I’m leaving this blog a little unbalanced by doing so. Therefore, let’s try this again. I’m giving you another chance, Season 3, aka NEW Tales from the Crytpkeeper. Will I be disappointed again? Let’s find out. This is Trouble in Store.

Image result for Trouble in Store (Tales from the Cryptkeeper)

Rob and Derek are two kids who enjoy shoplifting. One day, they decide to rob a department store at night and end up getting locked in. Unfortunately for them, the store has a very unique security system that has a way of dealing with shoplifters.

What is it with this season and having thoroughly unlikable main characters? Rob and Derek are completely unlikable jerks from the moment we see them. They have absolutely no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Why? I know that the adult version of this show had some unlikable main characters just so their comeuppance is all the more satisfying for the audience. However, doing that in a kid’s show just feels wrong. We need to WANT the kids to get out of their predicament. Why make us hate them for the entirety of their screen time? It just makes it so that we still hate them even when they’ve learned their lesson.

The story was okay outside of the characters. The security system in the store was a little predictable but still a creative use of this specific type of “monster.” There’s a twist involving a little boy that’s really easy to see coming if you’ve seen certain episodes of the Twilight Zone. I know I’m being vague here, but I really don’t want to spoil story as it’s really the only part of the episode I really liked.

CRYPTIE CAMEO: Cryptie poses as a store mannequin and plays an elevator bellhop in the store… You know, I’m wondering why nobody has anything to say about his odd appearance when they see him. I mean, he interacts with the characters and he does nothing to cover his face. He’s a walking CORPSE. Nobody has any reaction to that? Yet another reason why Season 3 is so lackluster.

Even though I liked the story for this episode, I still didn’t really like it. The main character was just way too unlikable from the start. It had a half-decent premise but even that couldn’t save it from mediocrity. That’s 0 for 2 in the third season. Should I even bother with looking at any more from this terrible era of Tales from the Cryptkeeper? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. As of this moment, I feel like a dummy if I were to continue with this season.


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