Crypt-ober: Werewolf Concerto (Tales from the Crypt)

I love werewolves. I can’t say that enough. I love the stories that revolve around them, I love the lore around them, and I love the symbolism of giving into your animalistic nature. I simply love werewolves. When I learned that there was an episode of the adult Tales from the Crypt show revolving around a werewolf mystery story, I simply had to look. So, does this episode live up to my admittedly high expectations? Lets find out. This is Werewolf Concerto.

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A hotel in the woods is having a bit of a problem with a series of murders. But who is the culprit? Apparently, a werewolf. Fortunately, there also seems to be a werewolf hunter in their midst who’s willing to put a stop to the beast. Who is the monster and who is the hunter? Let’s hope they can find out before they’re all killed.

This isn’t your typical Crypt episode as the bulk of the story revolves around a mystery. And let me tell you, this is one fantastic mystery. Like any good mystery, we have plenty of red herrings and clues to follow to see what’s really going on. Until the big reveal, you’re never quite sure who exactly can be trusted. The twist was fantastically done. I honestly don’t know how I didn’t figure it out as, as I’ve been saying, the clues scattered around the episode are just well hidden enough to not be obvious. Really, this episode is even worth a rewatch just to see if I can find all the clues hidden throughout. But a mystery is only as good as its characters. And we’ve got some good ones here.

Timothy Dalton steals the show as Lokai. He’s dramatic and funny in all the right ways. Unfortunately, he’s the only one we really follow through the episode and thus gets the most development. The background characters and suspects are all interesting enough but they don’t get fleshed out nearly enough for my tastes. Really, because of the focus on him, you know Timothy Dalton is involved in the plot somehow, you just aren’t sure how.

The werewolf transformation effects and final results are exceptionally well done. The gore is pretty minimal, which suits me just fine. We only really get a scene with a throat getting sliced and another scene of impalement, but they’re not over-the-top so I could tolerate them. All praise for the makeup and special effects must go to the centerpiece of the werewolf. I just can’t say enough good things about them. (Though, admittedly, the werewolf’s face does look a bit squashed at first, but it’s still well done.)

Watch this episode. No, seriously. Even if you’re not one for horror, watch this episode. It’s so well done. The pacing is perfect, the mystery is great, the characters are fun, the effects are top notch. This comes with my highest recommendation and, no joke, I’m almost certain this is going to end up being my favorite episode of the entire month. I absolutely loved it from start to finish.


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