Crypt-ober: Treehouse of Horror XXVII (The Simpsons)

The Treehouse of Horror is pretty much the only thing from the Simpsons I still watch every year. Not a Halloween has gone by yet where I haven’t watched the year’s stories straight from the Treehouse. Admittedly, over the years, the segments have gotten more and more mixed. Some are great but a lot are just mediocre or terrible. So, how do this year’s segments pan out? Let’s find out in this year’s Treehouse of Horror.

Treehouse of Horror XXVII poster.jpg

This wasn’t Halloween-y. Maybe the second segment, a little bit, if you count killing. But this WAS NOT HALLOWEEN-Y. I’m tired of the Treehouse of Horror segments being nothing but parody stuff with no horror elements. I mean, at least parody the HORROR movies and not JUST whatever’s popular that year. Whatever. You’re not here to hear about general gripes. You’re here to hear about very specific ones. Let’s go over each segment individually.

The opening has villains from Simpsons’ past taking revenge. It was a good opening that actually took place on Halloween, but it basically had nothing to do with anything else in the episode, as usual. We also got a Planet of the Apes parody for the couch gag.

Dry Hard is a double parody of Hunger Games and Mad Max. Burns controls the town’s water and forces the town to sacrifice its cutest children to a “Thirst Games.” This was actually a pretty good parody done right. It was even a creative mix of two very different movies. Every single joke landed in this one, too. I think it helps that I’m really familiar with the Hunger Games and I liked all the fun pokes at the long and generic series.

In BFF RIP, Lisa’s former imaginary friend, Rachel, goes kill crazy. This one is okay and had some half decent jokes. I guess this is the only segment that is remotely “horror” based since it does involve a killer imaginary friend. Still, it didn’t FEEL very horror related. It’s hard to explain. The good news is Sarah Silverman does a great job as Rachel. Heck, it took me a while to remember she was even supposed to be in the episode. She’s really developed her voice acting chops. It was impressive.

MoeFinger is a parody of Kingsmen: The Secret Service. This was easily the weakest segment being nothing but a lift directly from the movie. None of the jokes were very funny, the action segments were weak, and Bart was boring and has nothing to actually DO in the episode. Not much left to say. It just wasn’t that good.

Overall, this Treehouse was really mediocre. One really good segment out of 3 is terrible. Did it contain the worst Treehouse segment? No, but… Well, I’ll save my thoughts on which are the worst for another day. For now, I only recommend this episode if you watch the Treehouse episodes every year. Otherwise, you can give it a skip.


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