Crypt-ober: Revenge (Alfred Hitchcock Presents)

Before Rod Sterling ever donned his suit and cigar to host for the silver screen, Alfred Hitchcock, the Master of Suspense, had a really popular anthology show called Alfred Hitchcock Presents. This show is more mystery and suspense oriented than it is outright HORROR, but they still have at least a spooky atmosphere. And, of course, the show was also hosted by the master himself. We’re taking a look at the very first episode of the show. So, is this a dish best served cold or should this show have been left out in the cold? Let’s find out. This is Revenge.

Carl and Elsa are a newly wed couple living in a small trailer in a new job. While Carl goes off for his first day of work, Elsa is attacked by someone and left traumatized. Carl vows to kill the man who did this to her. She eventually identifies someone. But is it the right man?

This is definitely a “slow burn” episode as the mystery and intrigue doesn’t even start until over half way through. Still, even when the actual suspense parts gets going, it’s really slow going. I will say that the suspense was really well done (of course it was as Hitchcock directed it) but the story itself was a bit too slow to recommend. The twist, although subtle, was really well done even if it was predictable. So, yeah, the story here was alright, but a bit boring.

The acting on all counts is competent enough. I especially loved Carl and Elsa together as they acted as newly weds do. Unfortunately, when Elsa becomes traumatized, her acting becomes a bit hokey. She’s either trying to be completely emotionless or over-the-top. Either way, it’s not really believable. Carl, though, is believable in his role as both doting husband and then cold-blooded revenge seeker. The side characters were all well done, though nobody in particular stands out. Carl definitely stole the show for the story portion here. But the real star of the show is its host.

Alfred Hitchcock is a delight as a horror host. He has a wonderful dry whit about him, which is what he was known for. His delivery of all his jokes is impeccable and even his expository dialogue was well done. Maybe I’m just a sucker for a memorable voice, but I think I could listen to Hitchcock talk all day. He was simply the best part of the whole thing.

For this show’s first episode, this was decent, if boring. It was at least well acted and exceptionally well directed (for the most part). Really, I want to keep watching this for Alfred Hitchcock alone. I’ve seen quite a few of his movies and he is in top form here. I’ll definitely be taking a look at this series again in the future.


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