Crypt-ober: All the Gory Details (Tales from the Cryptkeeper)

Journalism is hard work. I would know. I studied journalism in college. It can be really tough trying to find a good story that will please both the readers and your boss. Sometimes you really need to think outside the box to find something good. But what happens when you find a story that seems impossible to believe? Let’s find out. This is All the Gory Details.

Sally is a journalist who’s trying to find the location of a Dr. Kromwell, a scientist who claims to have resurrected bodies. She goes off in search of the doctor with her superior, a fat, annoying man named Mr. Klump. Can these two journalists find the story? Will Mr. Klump shut up long enough for anyone else to talk?

I hated Mr. Klump with all of my hate. He was fat, obnoxious, sexist, and annoying as all hell. He really never shut up to let anyone get a word in edgewise. Let me tell you, that is a TERRIBLE journalist. If there’s one thing I know about finding a story is, YOU LET OTHER PEOPLE TALK. I kept wanting to strangle him just so he would shut his big fat mouth. Sally is tolerable and has some good development. Unfortunately, a lot of her lines have her just calling after “Mr. Klump!” when he’s messing up somehow. Because of this, she felt a little one-dimensional for the majority of her screen time.

The zombie/Frankenstein-ish monsters of the episode are really creative. I especially liked the 2-headed one. (Kinda reminded me of Frank and Len from Ruby Gloom.) I also liked the first twist of the episode regarding the monsters, even if it was a bit easy to see coming. The second twist, however, came out of nowhere. It was fantastic if only because it was dark. Although, I must admit, it’s a sucky twist if you hate Mr. Klump.

This episode could have been great if it wasn’t for that fat asshole. He just ate up too much screen time and he was too obnoxious. Still, the message of the episode and it’s story were relatively good. I can’t really recommend the episode if only because it has one horribly annoying asshole in it. But if you can look past that, I think you’ll have a good time with this one.


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