Crypt-ober: The Works… In Wax (Tales from the Cryptkeeper)

Wax museums can sometimes be a little creepy. The figures sometimes can look so lifelike that they almost seem alive. You could almost swear that they’re looking right at you. Setting a horror story in a wax museum isn’t exactly a new concept. But can Tales from the Cryptkeeper really make a good story set in one? Let’s find out in The Works… In Wax.

Image result for The Works... In Wax (Tales from the Cryptkeeper)

Craig is a little boy who loves horror characters. Every day, he visits the Chamber of Horrors section of his town’s Wax Museum and just talks to the monsters as if they’re alive. Unfortunately, the former owner of the museum died and the new owner, Mr. Boswick, is a jerk. The former owner had promised to give the property to the janitor, William, but nobody can find the will. Not only that, but Craig also seems to be getting sucked into the world of the monsters to help them. What’s going on? Where is the will?

Craig is a likable kid (and relatable, too). I really enjoyed his interactions with the museum’s janitor, William. They have a good comradery that’s fun to watch. I also enjoyed watching Craig try to help the monsters instead of getting scared by them. It was refreshing to see a kid who goes with the weirdness instead of getting all flustered about it. Mr. Boswick, while definitely a jerk, wasn’t in the episode enough to care about him too much. His comeuppance in the end was… Well, downright terrifying, to be honest.

The story here is really good mostly because of the likable characters but also because it’s unique. I haven’t seen a lot of stories where the kids are actually trying to help the monsters. This one has some good pacing, really well done action sequences, and an actually chilling payoff. I mean it, the twist here is really creepy and probably one of the best twists the show has done yet.

I do have one complaint, though: The monsters. Not that they don’t look good. In fact, they look great… But they also look EXACTLY like they did in the show’s first episode, While the Cat’s Away. It’s like the animators just outright copied the original designs and put them right into this episode. I mean, don’t get me wrong, they’re awesome designs. I was just expecting something different instead of something we’ve seen before. It made the animators seem lazy in a way.

CRYPTIE CAMEO: Cryptie’s beautiful face is seen on a wax figure that’s supposed to be Marie Antoinette.

This was a really fun episode and I highly recommend it. Sure, the monsters are reused, but at least it’s a reuse of a few good designs. The characters are good and the story is compelling. Truly, this was one of the show’s best examples of a monster mash. This was definitely a frighteningly good time.


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